Why I Hate Clickbait (and why you should, too)

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Why I Hate Click-Baiting/>

Why I love my readers enough to not lure them to my blog with clickbait and other false advertising. And also lots of pictures of fish.

Ugh… Just the term clickbait gives me a queasy feeling in my gut.

It doesn’t have a nice ring to it like some terms do.

Unfortunately, I continue to see more and more clickbait happening in the online world.

So I am going to share my two cents about why I hate click-baiting (and why you should, too)!

Why I Hate Click-Baiting

Why I Hate ClickBait (and why you should, too)

I Am Not a Liar

I do not lie to my readers.  My goal as a blogger is to share with YOU, not lie to you.

Why would I want to START off with a lie in my title? It just doesn’t seem like an honest way to write and I won’t allow myself to get sucked into a dishonest practice.

I Am Not That Desperate for Page Views

I get it… I really do get it.

Having a catchy title may result in a lot of clicks over to my blog.

The problem starts when those readers realize that I have basically tricked them to get them here.  It isn’t worth the cost to me and my ethics to gain a few extra page views.

Let’s face it bloggers.  We have to look at ourselves in the mirror every day. Extra page views and the high bounce rate that will come with it just isn’t worth the cost.

Why I Hate Click-Baiting

My Goal is a Relationship

I want to have a relationship with my readers.

The intent is to always be writing useful content so people want to come back by and visit with me.

I am just sappy like that, yep that’s me!

Clickbait would eventually ruin my reputation with readers because it works against any relationship I am trying to build with them.  Really, I just don’t want to exploit people with false and misleading headlines.

I Want to be an Actual Resource

If I use clickbait to get you here and then offer you NOTHING substantial in return, SHAME on ME!

I truly do attempt to offer real resources on my blog.  My goal is always to be a HELP to others.

When you click over to my blog I want you to leave feeling like you learned something or that I helped solve a problem for you.

If I have nothing to offer you I need to accept that, not try to draw you in anyway with an absurd title.

Why I Hate Click-Baiting

I think my thoughts on Why I Hate Click-baiting (and you should, too) are clear here!

I will go as far as tell you to be the opposite of Nike… and JUST DON’T DO IT, hee, hee, hee!

You are better then clickbait in my eyes.

So tell me, do you use clickbait?  Do you fall for clickbait?

Leave me a comment and let’s talk it out.

Why I Hate Click-Baiting

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