10 Things I Learned Standing in Line for Santa

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I hate standing in line for Santa. But I do it because my kids will need those memories. So, I stand in line. And learn my lessons...Heh.

It was 2 days before Thanksgiving. Two days before Thanksgiving–when I should have been home working on that beautiful turkey, dressing and ham. But, no, I was being smart, taking the little girls to go get their pictures taken with the man in red. Maybe a little too smart…but maybe not smart enough. These are the 10 Things I Learned Standing in Line for Santa. Stupid me, always learnin’.

10 Things I Learned Standing in Line for Santa feature

I These10 Things While Standing in Line for Santa

  1. July, not November. I should not have waited until two days BEFORE Thanksgiving to go stand in line. I should have gone in July.
  2. Everyone else’s kids are really ugly. Ok, maybe there were some other cute kids, but none of them were as cute as mine…or maybe I was just in the “ugly kid” line.
  3. Bring a Snack. We ate dinner before we left, but I was still jealous of the lady behind me with animal crackers for her kids. I almost asked er for some for myself.
  4. Toddlers Suck at This. No matter how long you talked about it beforehand, no matter how long of a wait and watching other kids, no matter how much you pay, your toddler will cut Santa if he so much as glances her way, much less welcomes her to his lap.
  5. Dads Don’t Get It. Not a single dad in that line thought this was a good idea. Including mine. why I hate leting my kids take pictures with santa fb
  6. The Photographer Is a Teen. I swear he was like 15 and so was the girl behind the counter. Not professional photographers by any stretch of the imagination.
  7. The Photographer is a Mile Away. I swear–can they not stand just a little closer? Or use the zoom? It’s like the furthest picture ever. I don’t give a crap about the decorations–I just want a picture of my kid’s smiling face with that beardy-dude. Instead, I got pictures of ants.
  8. The Pictures Suck. I repeat: the pictures suck.
  9. Thank Heaven for Mobile Phones and Netflix. The only saving grace for the 2 hours we stood in that line. Kept the kids entertained. And the husband. Heh.
  10. I Hate This. But I will do it again. Every year until my girls are “too old”. They need the memories. And I need an excuse to tease them about it when they’re older. Heh.

why photos with santa suck sq

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