What My Wing Woman Does for Me

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I can’t do this thing called life on my own. I’m a grown woman and I’m not sad to admit–I cannot do this alone. And I don’t want to. My support group is small,tight. And there’s just one person that it all revolves around – my mom. And this is What My Wing Woman Does for Me.

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What My Wing Woman Does for Me

  • She Sees Things I Don’t. Seriously. I feel like I’m blind sometimes. My mom has some additional experience, sure, but the truth of the matter is that, because she’s not in the situation, she can be more objective. Well, and that experience thing. Heh.
  • She’s Honest to Me Even When I’m Not. I lie to myself. Not a lot and not when I realize it. But she calls me out, makes me realize I’m delusional. And, she’s cool about it. She’ll call me to the carpet, we’ll laugh about it and we’ll go on. Pretty cool.
  • She Makes Me Smile. If I’m having a crappy day, her phone number is the only one I call. Because no matter how terrible I think it is, she’s got a joke (or ten) to make it all seem manageable and small–if even for a few minutes. And I will always call her. what my wing woman does for me fb
  • She Makes Me Take a Break. When I’m stressed, my first instinct is to work even harder–push it just a little farther. Often, this works. I knock out a few things on my list and I can bring my stress level down. But sometimes, that doesn’t cut it. My mom pulls no punches and tells me to take a step back. For my sanity…and hers. Heh.
  • She Is There for Me–Not for Anyone Else. And this is unique. She isn’t there for herself. Or my kids, or my husband, or because she is going to get something out of it…nope. She’s just there because I’m there–and we’re there together.

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I was inspired to say “thank you” to my Wing Woman–my mom, because of the My Wing Woman website, where they have all sorts of great tips and just a lot of women-uplifting-women kind of good vibes.


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Thank you for sharing!

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