How Local Businesses Can Capitalize on Pokémon GO

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This is a great set of ideas to help local businesses use Pokemon GO and help the businesses get more customers. LOVE!

Its no secret that Pokémon GO has very quickly become the most popular thing for young people, people who want to get out and walk–and well, just everyone. Ever since its release it has been talked about constantly and everyone from the nostalgic old time Pokémon players to the newly introduced are playing it day and night. Flooding the streets like no other, almost everywhere you look at least one person is catching a Pokémon. A great thing about this is that local businesses can use and profit from it. My friends (that might be business owners–who knows?!), this is how local businesses can capitalize on Pokémon GO. Because what’s hot should also be your business…

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How Local Businesses Can Capitalize on Pokémon GO

To see all four tips, just use the arrows at the bottom of the page to scroll through!


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