Why I Won’t Send My Kid to Your Preschool

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THis mom is right. We don't have to send our kids to preschools that don't care about ALL kids. Not cool.

I visited your preschool, on the recommendation from my mom that my kids needed to get out more. I felt she was right–that my kids need more socialization, I need more time to work, and they need to learn to spend time away from me before they go to kindergarten. But you scared me. Dear Local Preschool, this is Why I Won’t Send My Kid to Your Preschool–and you need to know, it’s not ok.


Why I Won’t Send My Kid to Your Preschool

Look, you were really nice. Like really, really nice. I was not offended. I just kind of had my feelings hurt. And this is what you said, the way I interpreted it, and why I wish you’d stop e-mailing me now.

  1. You had this really cool system of letting the kids serve each other.
  2. You had this awesome idea of letting the kids wash the dishes.
  3. Every meal, you served bone-fortifying yummy milk to the kids–even at snacks. How cool?!
  4. The kids who might be allergic to milk? They could bring their own milk.
  5. And the kids that can’t even be exposed in any way to milk? You said you could just seperate them from the rest of the kids during mealtimes.


I got my feelings hurt pretty quick, you see. You made the decision to be a peanut-free facility for the 4 kids that go there that are allergic to nuts, but my kid? The one who will DIE if milk got in her mouth or if it touched her? It’s ok, you’ll just treat her like all the other kids–except you’ll segregate her from the others during mealtimes. You’ll let her bring her own milk. And let the other kids serve her (hoping they don’t hand her a regular milk and not her special milk), you’ll ask her to wash their dishes with the milk on them–or have them wash her dishes with the ones with milk on them…do you see where this is going?

Do you see how callous that sounded to the mom who, holding her 18 month old, was told that her kid, because of a simple allergy, would be segregated? And no consideration made other than that?


Guess what? I Won’t Send My Kid to Your Preschool, even if you change your policies now. I see how it is. How worthless her life is to you. How, you would just shrug your shoulders and walk away–hand her to the nurse and say “call her parents” if she started turning blue. No, she won’t go there. And because of you, she won’t go anywhere, actually. You caused a little panic attack in me for her. Because she doesn’t know any better. She’s not even 2 years old yet. And she just needs to be home, where people make her a priority. End of story. End of debate.

THis mom is right. We don't have to send our kids to preschools that don't care about ALL kids. Not cool.

Thank you for sharing!



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