DIY Potty Time Bookshelf for Toddlers

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So, we’ve been spending a lot of time on the potty lately, our Pull-Ups® Cool & Learn® Training Pants around little ankles. Like a lot. Not me (I don’t wear training pants). My toddlers. Yes, multiple. As in both. Two. Two kiddos. One that’s 18 months and one that just turned into a Threenager. And the potty training has just started with the one (at her insistence) and the other is mid-training. So. We spend a lot of time in the potty. And one thing that’s helping us kill the time in there–and learn a little patience while pottying–is this awesome DIY Potty Time Bookshelf for Toddlers. That we made while killing time waiting to go back to the potty.


I never dreamed I’d be spending so much time hanging out in the potty. And my kiddos don’t really want to. But, our little DIY Potty Time Bookshelf makes it a little less of a struggle to keep them there–because we’re not struggling to GET them there anymore, not after we started using Pull-Ups Training Pants with their cooling sensation that my girls can feel when they wee, so they know when they need to go to the potty.


What You Need to Make Your DIY Potty Time Bookshelf for Toddlers

  • Pull-Ups® Cool & Learn® Training Pants (to get to the potty)
  • An old drawer, preferably just the front and bottom
  • Chalboard paint
  • An 8-inch section of gutter


I got everything I needed at Walmart. I just love the easy-open sides, the cool reminder and the all-around-protection–and my girls love the Disney characters on the front…win-win. LOL!


Plus, because my girls are both potty-traning-puppies (you know, eager to please and HIGHLY motivated by a treat after they go wee), we’ve been having a great time just talking about the Pull-Ups and how they feel chill when they need to head to the potty. And how they can read and play on the chalkboard while the go. But, I can see how these Pull-Ups and the potty time bookshelf could help little bear potty trainers, squirrels, owls or any of the other potty-trainer-types! LOL!

How to Make Your DIY Potty Time Bookshelf for Toddlers


  1. Paint bottom of drawer with the chalkboard paint and allow to dry fully.
  2. Hot glue gutter to the bottom of the bottom of the drawer (lol) and allow to dry.
  3. Stand bottom of drawer in slot of drawer-face so that the drawer face becomes a base and the bottom of the drawer becomes the chalkboard!
  4. Slip some books in the gutter.
  5. Place next to potty with “busy” toddler.


Alright, y’all, pin this tutorial for the DIY Potty Time Bookshelf for Toddlers, then head to Walmart to get what you need. And, learn more about Pull-Ups® Cool & Learn® available at Walmart.

I totally want to make this easy DIY bookshelf for toddlers for the bathroom! What a cute idea! And how simple. I love it!

Thank you for sharing!

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