Washi Tape Alphabet Manipulatives

Thank you for sharing!

I love this idea for making alphabet manipulatives! So easy and fun!

So, I have a thing right now–the alphabet. Yeah, my oldest toddler is trying to sign the alphabet song with me and the baby (who is a toddler now, too, but I’ll probably always call her “the baby”) has started to make noises like she wants to sing the alphabet, too. So, I’m stepping-up my game even more…I made some Washi Tape Alphabet Manipulatives. So we have something fun, colorful, and textural, to play with when we sing–and do other fun activities with soon, too!

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It’s the double-whammy of giving the letter some texture (because the lines of the washi tape can be felt as well as seen…yeah?!) AND letting the kids participate in the making of the Washi Tape Alphabet Manipulatives, that really makes this, to me, a great idea. Like, how best do you learn? I know I learn best by experience. But how do you “experience” the alphabet. Well, through the senses, right? Because it’s not just about hearing or seeing, but feeling–even tasting, if you can believe it. So, that’s part of why I love this. A fun texture on top of being colorful and an activity…just all around awesome.

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What You Need to Make Washi Tape Alphabet Manipulatives

Your shopping list for this activity is really simple. Wooden letters and washi tape.

Here, I made it easy for you. Heh.

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How to Make Your Washi Tape Alphabet Manipulatives

Ok. This is probably the least complicated tutorial I’ve ever written, which makes it surprisingly difficult. But here goes.

  1. Pick-up a letter.
  2. Wrap in washi tape, starting somewhere and wrapping at a slight angle.
  3. Cover the entire letter.
  4. Set the letter down. Heh.

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Love, love, love these easy Washi Tape Alphabet Manipulatives? I know you do. So, pin it and come back later. Or make them now–either way, you’ll probably want to share it with your friends, regardless, so pin it. LOL!

I love this idea for making alphabet manipulatives! So easy and fun!

Thank you for sharing!

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