Easy DIY Toadstool Stump Cushion

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On Friday evenings, it’s just me, our boy, and his dad. The girls go off to spend the night with the grandparents (thank you!) and we get to step back, for a moment, into a more “simple” time when there were 3 instead of 5 in our family. On those nights, instead of being a “chase the toddler” evening, meal time becomes our playground and we get to get outside. Around a campfire. And just enjoy being together. My bottom, not so much. It likes a soft squishy seat. So, I made an Easy DIY Toadstool Stump Cushion so my bottom can enjoy it, too.

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The weather has been so nice. And because June was “Get Outdoors” month, my son really wanted to get out the past couple of Fridays. My Toadstool Stump Cushion has become a BIG hit with my son–and because Mac & Cheese day was July 14th…well, we busted-out the cushion and some Back to Nature Mac & Cheese for our little family bonfire.

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What I really need now is 2 more Toadstool Stump Cushions. One for me and one for my husband. Because, I’m pretty sure I’m never getting this one back from our boy. Heh.

But, that’s ok. I can make more. They’re easy. Seriously–less than 30 minutes. Less time than it took to hit-up my local Target and get my Back to Nature Mac & Cheese. LOL!

Let’s get to the makin’!

What You Need to Make Your Easy DIY Toadstool Stump Cushion

  • 1 yard red outdoor-friendly cloth
  • 1 round piece of wood (I took mine off the top of one of those spindle things)
  • 1 piece of foam, large enough to cover the piece of wood
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • White fabric paint
  • Dot paint brush
  • Sharp knife
  • Back to Nature Mac & Cheese (you know, for the enjoying afterward)

what do you need to make a toadstool seat cushion

How to Make Your Easy DIY Toadstool Stump Cushion

You like to run with scissors? Here’s a photo tutorial.

easy tutorial for making a seat cushion for camping

No running? Ok, here’s the actual instructions, LOL!

  1. Trace the wood circle’s diameter onto the foam.
  2. Using your knife, cut the foam out in the shape of the wood.
  3. Glue the foam onto the wood.
  4. Place the foam-side down on the inside of the fabric in the center.
  5. Fold the fabric over tightly and hot glue it in place.
  6. Flip the covered seat cushion over.
  7. Dab the paintbrush into the white paint.
  8. Paint white spots on the top.
  9. Allow to dry.
  10. Sit to your heart’s content on ANY surface…like for real, the top of a stump, the ground, the rock by the lake…whatever! LOL! And enjoy your Back to Nature Mac & Cheese with the family in comfort. LOL!

easy seat cusion tutorial sq

So, what do you think? If you love this tutorial for the Easy DIY Toadstool Stump Cushion–just drop me a comment below. And be sure to head over to your local Target to get some Back to Nature Mac & Cheese…’so good…

I LOVE this tutorial for this cute DIY Toadstool Seat Cushion. So adorable! I can't wait to make my own.

Thank you for sharing!

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