Unicorn Grilled Cheese

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(Inside: Making a dreamy lunch for all the kids over at your lately playdate? Yes, you can. And you can even make it fun for them with Unicorn Grilled Cheese!)

Here’s the scenario: You’re having a couple of three years old over for lunch.

You want to impress them.

Because impressing toddlers is a thing you’re obligated to do at playdates.

It’s a rule.

And unicorn grilled cheese breaks all the rules.

Which is impressive, indeed.

Unicorn Grilled Cheese

The best is when the other mom–the one person who is sane at a playdate, hopefully, is also impressed.

You can get the kids involved, too, if they’re not already involved in other pursuits.

It’s like an activity and a lunch all rolled into one.

Which is ALSO impressive.

See, totally breakin’ rules left and right with the unicorn grilled cheese.

Unicorn Grilled Cheese

For a little extra fun you can add edible glitter or gold to the cheese.

And then you can call it fairy grilled cheese–which is so awesome, but then you’re kids will be pooping glitter–which IS ALSO WRONG. LOL!

You could add ham or whatever if you feel like. But IT’S FREAKING UNICORN GRILLED CHEESE.

It’s perfect without doing anything else.

Unicorn Grilled Cheese

Before you hit the recipe up, be sure to pin this–because every mom deserves to to have one recipe on the menu to impress toddlers.

Come on, mom.

Dude. This Unicorn Grilled Cheese is perfect for the kids. Ridiculous and fun. #unicorn #grilledcheese #recipe #unicorngrilledcheese #silly #food

Dude. This Unicorn Grilled Cheese is perfect for the kids. Ridiculous and fun. #unicorn #grilledcheese #recipe #unicorngrilledcheese #silly #food

Unicorn Grilled Cheese


  • 1/3 cup cheese; for each color
  • pink dye; 1 drop
  • blue dye; 1 drop
  • yellow dye; 1 drop
  • purple dye; 1 drop
  • 2 slices of bread
  • 1 tablespoon margarine


  1. Heat a pan to low heat. Butter bread and put a little in the pan.
  2. Put one slice butter side down on the pan. Add a little of each color in rows. Place other piece of toast on top butter side up. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes and flip. Cook the same until both sides are toasted and cheese is melted. Remove and serve!

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