The Surprising Thing About Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

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So, I finally bit the bullet and enrolled my oldest daughter in swimming lessons last month. It was a big deal because we have to drive and it’s a structured activity (which we NEVER do), but it has been worth every second of work I’ve had to put into it. But, I’ve noticed something off about the whole thing. My friends, here’s The Surprising Thing About Swimming Lessons for Toddlers–that I think all parents ought to know.

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The Surprising Thing About Swimming Lessons for Toddlers

The Surprising Thing About Swimming Lessons for Toddlers?

Hardly any toddlers are getting swimming lessons.

Y’all, there are seriously only 4 kids in my toddler’s swimming class. Yeah. That’s it.

Though, I’m sure there’re other classes, there should be 10 or 12 or 50. That pool should be full of small children, and their parents, at all times.

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And I know, just because a kid has swimming lessons, that doesn’t mean that they can’t drown. Just like if you teach them to drive a car when they’re 16, they won’t have an accident, right? Wrong. You still have to follow some basic precautions around water. But, swimming lessons? That should be a basic thing we all do for our kids at an early age. It’s easy, fun and critical in case of an emergency.

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Here’s an easy three precaution list for children’s safety in and around water:
  • Active Supervision. Put the phone down, stay off social media while they kids are in the pool–and stay within arm’s reach. That word “active”.
  • Reduce Risks. Make sure to install fences around any swimming areas, be sure to empty wading pools immediately after use, and (this is the one I’m hung up on today for some reason), provide swim lessons to children as young as one.
  • Be Prepared. Get trained in CPR and First Aid, understand the signs of drowning (hey, it’s silent and FAST, so you have to be on the ball), and keep a phone close in case you need to call 911 (but not checking your social media–remember #1? LOL!).

Good advice that I hope everyone takes into consideration this year–and in future summers, too. I’m making that promise. Will you?

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Ok. Yeah--I didn't realize this either about toddler swimming lessons. Guess I should get on that. LOL!

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