5 Reasons Playdates Suck – and What to do Instead

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This mom is so funny...but so honest about what we're all thinking. Playdates suck and these are some great ideas on what we can do instead. LOL!

It’s a commonly-known fact that playdates are one of the worst inventions by man. No one wants to do them, but, somehow, we’re all roped into them constantly. It’s like some kind of strange momming blackhole that by accepting that first, awkwardly-given invitation, you have now passed an event horizon of horridness. And there’s few ways to get out of the eye-of-despair before you just have to sit on that park bench and live it. Seriously, here’s the boiled-down 5 Reasons Playdates Suck – and What to do Instead. It’s ok. You can thank me later. Heh.

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5 Reasons Playdates Suck

  1. Awkward. It’s like you’re dating this other mom. Seriously. But you’re not. You don’t need a new friend, your kid does. The worst part? Totally no chance for nookie at the end like there might have been, had it been a real date.
  2. Introvert Torture. Yes, either you or the other mom will be an introvert. And, for introverts, play dates are like strapping that person to a bed of nails. It’s hard, uncomfortable and the very act of conversation is a pinprick.
  3. Never Available. Monday–Nope, soccer. Wednesday–Nope, lunch with granny. Thursday–No, that’s swimming lessons. There’s just never a good time.
  4. Fun to Me is NOT Fun to Her. And, speaking of availability–you want to go swimming in her pool and she hates it now. Conversely, she wants to play in the sand at your house and you can’t stand the amount of sand that gets tracked-in. Nothing sounds attractive. Then you end-up at the zoo and EVERYONE is miserable. Including the kids.
  5. She’s. Just. Weird. You know, she dies her hair teal (that’s me) or she’s got that nose piercing. Or she cooks weird food for the kids–or lets them eat the hot dogs whole without cutting them. That other mom just isn’t doing it right.

What it boils down to is that it’s just not fun to “date” the other mom sometimes. Seriously. It’s not about you, it’s me and I don’t want to date anymore…I just want our kids to play together.

reasons playdates suck and what to do instead

What to do Instead

  • Random Meet-Ups. Don’t plan anything. Just go somewhere with your kids and happen upon people. It’s much more fun. And random.
  • Events. Like the library’s toddler time. Or the local Pokemon GO club. Whatever will get your kids out and playing and you not having to talk to the other mom.
  • Relax. Let the freedom flow from within. Find a mom down the street and just let your kids play in the yard. And if her kids happen to be out…then they meet-up and play. Let it be natural. Let it grow like your friendships did when you were a kid. They’ll be better for it.

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Do you have anything to add to my 5 Reasons Playdates Suck – and What to do Instead? Leave me a comment below or hit me up on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you! LOL!

This mom is so funny...but so honest about what we're all thinking. Playdates suck and these are some great ideas on what we can do instead. LOL!

Thank you for sharing!

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