Teal Pumpkin Project and the Teal Suede Pumpkin

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This flocked teal pumpkin (teal suede pumpkin) was so easy to make and has such great meaning...Totally cool idea for the Teal Pumpkin Project and allergy-friendly snacks for kids on Halloween...

Let me start by saying that there are several versions of food allergies in our house. Some of us are dairy-free folk, some are egg-free folk, and others can’t have nuts. And in others, these things all converge. It’s a menagerie of allergies up in here. So, when I heard about the Teal Pumpkin Project, I got so excited. I couldn’t wait to participate. It’s like a little slice of safety on one of the most worrisome days of my year. I mean, can you imagine sending your kid to some stranger’s door, not knowing if this is the time your kid might want to skirt the rules and snag a bite of that candy they’re being handed…and maybe end up in the hospital?

So, yeah, I’m excited, because I can finally know that there’s someone else at that house that gets what I’m trying to do here–just keep my kids from dying. That’s all. So, in prep for the big-day, I made a Teal Suede Pumpkin. Check it out.

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Teal Suede Pumpkin

So, this was really easy. I just got the prettiest pumpkin from Target (because, yeah, I am NOT making a special trip anywhere while I have pneumonia and so does my toddler–we got the pumpkin on our jello-run), a pack of teal flocking and glue that I picked-up at the craft store about a month ago (wasn’t even sure what I was going to use it for then), and some glitter glue that I happened to have laying around, and that’s it. Yup. That was it. Let’s go over that again carefully:

To make the teal suede pumpkin, I put on some gloves, applied the flocking glue with my hands, then removed the gloves and tossed flocking everywhere. About a half-hour later, I came back and applied the glitter glue to the stem, then let everything dry for another half hour. Before I took the pumpkin inside, I blew-off all the extra flocking so I wasn’t dragging that all inside…it was a lot of extra because I’m terribly messy. But it made for one cool-looking pumpkin…Look at it one more time…eep! I’m so proud.

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Anyway, put your teal pumpkin out, join the#tealpumpkinproject and get to sharing non-food treats with kids this Halloween. It’s not hard. Here’s some non-food treats we got for cheap (that kids will really love) and we plan on handing-out this year:

  • Eyeball Toys
  • Halloween pencils
  • Glow sticks
  • Stickers

Easy, right?

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Find More Information on Allergy-Friendly Treats Here:

Allergy-Friendly Halloween Treats

I really needed this list of Halloween Treat Ideas for the Teal Pumpkin Project to share with my neighbors and friends. Just as a reminder.

Non-Food Halloween Treats

Oooooh! This is such an awesome idea list for non-food Halloween Treats for the Teal Pumpkin Project!

Vegan Spider Cupcakes

eggless and dairy free halloween spider cupcakes sq

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