How to Still Be a Good Mom When You’re Sick

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I love these tips on how to still be a good mom when you're sick! So dead-on, but also kind of funny. LOL!

When I’m sick, I suck at parenting. And this is totally a huge issue in my house…keeping the kids occupied and somehow keeping me from keeling over with exhaustion. It took me a while, but I finally figured-out how to deal with this and NOT be the worst mommy with a head-cold. I even have a great little toolbox that I keep prepared just for these kind of surprises. And…I’m willing to share. Heh. So, for you my lovelies, these are my tricks for How to Still Be a Good Mom When You’re Sick. Maybe you can use them and we can all be less than un-cool when a bad day comes along.

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How to Still Be a Good Mom When You’re Sick

So, step 1, start with some prep at least a day before you “plan” to get sick (as if you can ever plan for that). Make a “be less of a crappy mommy when you’re sick” bucket. Ok, you can name it something more pithy like “Mommy Feels Icky Basket.” Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in mine:

  1. DIY heating sock, DUH.
  2. Box of tissues, because I can never, ever find one when I’m sick. So, rather than hunting…
  3. Chloraseptic®, because it doesn’t matter what I have, my throat hurts–and Chloraseptic® is the only thing that can stop that business in it’s tracks.
  4. Movie (or two) for the kids.
  5. Packets of tea, because comfort in a cup, my friends.
  6. Warm pair of socks…for the perpetually cold tootsies.
  7. Special coloring book (distraction 101 for toddlers)
  8. Lip balm, because dry lips that comes with drainage–enough said.

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Step 2, don’t die.

Step 3, send the kids to the grandparents, if you can.

Step 4, play with the kids like a couch-ey sleep over without the sleep. Heh.

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And although I totally know that Chloraseptic® Pharmacist Maria Mantione’s Tips for Cough & Cold Season are totally dead-on, you know, wash your hands often, because washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to prevent the spread of the common cold….and you can prevent illness by practicing healthy habits like getting enough sleep; eating a balanced, nutritious diet; exercising and minimizing stress…yeah, that’s just not possible for moms ALL the time. Too many toddler fingers in my mouth…LOL!

So, I do get sick occasionally, and when I do, I reach for Chloraseptic®. Because, with every cold and the flu season brings runny noses, stuffy heads and coughs that make throats raw and sore. And Chloraseptic® is the # 1 sore throat relief brand that provides fast-acting relief for sore throats and mouth pain to help you get through your day. Works for me every time.

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What else should be in my “If Mom Is Sick-ey and Feels Quite Icky” bin? Do you have an emergency kit I should know about? Let me know in the comments! And don’t forget to check out all of Chloraseptic®’s products and flavors to help keep you feeling your best this cold and flu season.

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