Moon Phases Game for Kids {STEM Rocks!}

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This moon phases game for kids is so easy--and FUN! What a great way to teach kids about the moon...LOL!

My son’s grades in science took a sudden turn when they were studying the phases of the moon. He was hitting in the high B’s until just a couple of weeks ago–but then, they were in the 30’s (ouch!). And I was scratching my head, trying to think of some way to help him. I mean, we’re NEVER in this situation. But it was laying right in front of me…cookies. And thus the Moon Phases Game for Kids was born.

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I’m not super-worried about his grades, I mean, I think it’s just this one section he’s having trouble with, but my concern is that he’ll get defeated by this and let the rest of his year suffer. So, by playing this game with him, I was hoping to help bolster his self-esteem as well as build connections that he might not realize he needs to be successful. And, we had fun, too.

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So, basically, it’s a matching game. But with cookies. Any type of cookie will do. Just make sure you follow the directions. Heh.

What You Need to Play the Moon Phases Game for Kids

  • 10 Cookies.
  • Name Tags for the Phases. I did mine initially on my table in chalkboard paint, but then I made a free printable, when I realized how much he liked this game. You can download the PDF here or the JPG here.

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How to Play the Moon Phases Game for Kids

Start by chewing the cookies to the shapes of the various moon phases. You can do this with your kiddo, with a fork, or you can hide in the pantry and do it yourself. Your choice. Heh. If you need a guide for…well, you, so that you can help your kiddo, I’ve got you covered. You can print a PDF here or the JPG here.

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Now, print your tags and MATCH ‘EM UP! LOL!

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We had a whole lotta fun playing and I think he really established a new level of understanding with the moon phases. I’m not going to promise that his grades will come up, but at least we’ve tried. And maybe he’ll be able to test a little better the next time around.

Let me know if the game works out as well for you as it did for us!

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