5 Simple STEM Activities for the Lazy Parent

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(Inside: Look, I’m lazy and I know it. So I came up with these 5 Simple STEM Activities for the Lazy Parent to make my life easier.)

Did you know STEM activities are actually perfect for the lazy parent?

STEM focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by making kids solve their own problems.

If you are a lazy parent (which…I am), your doing your kids a favor.

When your kids get older, they need to be able to solve real world problems without someone there to hold their hands.

However, there is no harm in adding a little more STEM into your day with these STEM activities for lazy parents.

So check out these 5 Simple STEM Activities for the Lazy Parent and let’s get learning (as long as my personal input is limited, LOL!)!

Look, I'm lazy and I know it. So I came up with these 5 Simple STEM Activities for the Lazy Parent to make my life easier. #nerdymammablog #stem

5 Simple STEM Activities for the Lazy Parent

Real World Problem #1-Laundry Soap

You ran out of laundry soap and you have like 50 more loads of laundry to do.

You could go to the store and pick up some more laundry soap…or you could have the kids make you some!

And, while they are at it, I would suggest having them test their soap by doing their own laundry.

Who made it better? Which load came out cleaner?

When your kids are away at college with 50 cents to their name, they will love you for this!

Here are a few recipes you can try:

  • DIY Natural Laundry Soap: Ingredients needed are washing soda, Borax, and bar soap.
  • Borax Free Laundry Soap: Ingredients needed are baking soda, citric acid, washing soda, sea salt, and Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap.

Real World Problem #2-Food

I bet you didn’t know that handing your kid a recipe card and telling them to cook dinner was actually educational.

Well, grab a glass of wine, hope the kitchen doesn’t burn down, and let the kids experiment in the kitchen.

Cooking is a real world problem, and it involves problem solving, math skills, chemistry, and a lazy parent to ensure it goes just right.

Here are a few things kids can make on their own:

  • Gourmet Mac & Cheese: How can they add more nutrition? How can they change the flavor? How can they make it cheesier?
  • Peanut Butter Sandwiches: What works well with Peanut Butter? Can we add fruit? What about different kinds of bread? What if we have no jelly?
  • Quesadillas: What kind of meat can they put in? What does it taste like with different spices? How can you make it spicy? What about different shredded cheese?

Look, I'm lazy and I know it. So I came up with these 5 Simple STEM Activities for the Lazy Parent to make my life easier. #nerdymammablog #stem

Real World Problem #3- Fact Check

With so many things going all over the internet, it is hard to determine what is real and what is an opinion.

You can ask your kids an opinionated question. Once you get an answer, send them to do some research.

Not only is this a real world problem; people don’t know how to find facts, but it also incorporates the use of technology.

Make sure your kids research their opinion fully including reading things that go against what they believe.

Here are a few starters to get the ball rolling:

  • Can anything be a toy?
  • Do parents own their children?
  • Can a blind person be racist?
  • Did X public speaker really say that?
  • Should school start later?
  • Should school end earlier?

Real World Problem #4-Disney World

All kids want to go to Disney World, right?!

However, as a parent that doesn’t always happen because…life.

So, instead of devastating your child’s dreams, ask them to figure out a way to get the whole family to Disney World.

This teaches them real world math problems, gives them a sense of responsibility, and teaches them how to use technology and engineering to solve a problem for the whole family.

Give them a list of questions to research and figure out:

  • How much money will it cost for plane tickets?
  • How much money will it cost if we drive?
  • How much money will it cost to eat out?
  • How long do we want to save?
  • When do we want to go? Is that logical?
  • How much do we have to save to get that much money?
  • What jobs can kids do to make extra money?
  • Are there any scholarships, grants, or sweepstakes we can try?

Real World Life Problem #5-Boredom

I don’t ever remember telling my parents this, but if I did, I hope my parents can forgive me. We literally here the words, “I’m bored” at least 50 times a day.

Well, that is a real life problem that our kids just have to figure out on their own.

Send them outside and lock the doors (not really–just kidding), give them a bunch of trash to create something with, or give them some educational STEM apps to work on.

The key to STEM is letting your kids figure things out for themselves. So, try to be as hands-off as possible and enjoy your new found freedom!

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Look, I'm lazy and I know it. So I came up with these 5 Simple STEM Activities for the Lazy Parent to make my life easier. #nerdymammablog #stem

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