Shark Attack Cupcakes {Gluten-Free and Vegan} (AKA Strawberry Jam Filled Cupcakes)

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This recipe for gluten-free and vegan cupcakes for shark week is brilliant. So simple--but so cute. I love it!

Alright, let me start by saying that I don’t swim in the ocean.

At all. Ever.

Not my thing and never will be.

Actually, it’s more than that.

I won’t even watch movies about bad things that happen to people while they’re swimming in the ocean, because I’ll have nightmares forever. Not a month, not a year–forever.

So, shark week is, by its very nature, like watching a fascinating train wreck to me. I want to look away. I want to stay away–and I can…until I can’t.

Then, I’m spending hours binge watching with a look of horror on my face that my husband thinks is hilarious.

But I’m cutting it up this year and making Shark Week more like tadpole week.

First on the list is a batch of adorable (if a little morbid) Shark Attack Cupcakes.

Because the shark seems just a little less freaky if I’m bitting it’s tiny head off and even dipping it in strawberry jelly…heh.

vegan and gluten-free cupcakes for shark week feature

My therapeutic Shark Attack Cupcakes (that are, incidentally, gluten-free and vegan, and are pretty much just jelly filled cupcakes sitting on their own icing) are really tasty.

I don’t know if its the coconut milk whipped cream icing or the jelly or the fact that IT’S A CUPCAKE…ok, it might be that it’s a cupcake.


But they’re fun.

And terribly messy.

That’s why I put my Shark Attack Cupcakes on their icing instead of the other way around.

Because, I tried to eat one like a normal cupcake and ended-up with jelly down my arm and icing on my nose.


So, plate these bad boys, use a fork, and be happy.

It’s the ultimate in shark-attack-cuteness.

Just look at those cute eyes on that little sharky.

easy shark attack cupcakes fb

Shark Attack Cupcakes

Enough of that.

If you love these little Shark Attack Cupcakes, drop me a line below.

I’d love to know if you want more of these ridiculously easy (but oddly fun) cupcakes in your life.

And if these aren’t the cupcakes for you, maybe these Shark Costume Cupcakes are more your style…

And with that, on to the recipe, my lovelies, because we all know that’s why you’re here…heh.

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vegan and gluten-free cupcakes for shark week feature
Yield: 18

Shark Attack Cupcakes {Gluten-Free and Vegan} (AKA Strawberry Jam Filled Cupcakes)

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 14 minutes
Total Time: 24 minutes

Shark Attack Cupcakes. Because the shark seems just a little less freaky if I'm bitting it's tiny head off and even dipping it in strawberry jelly...heh.


  • ¼ cup vegan Butter or Margarine, room temperature (I like Earth's Balance--but am open to suggestion if there's another brand you want to let me know about in the comments that works as well)
  • ¾ cup granulated Sugar
  • 3 tblspns aquafaba, bean juice
  • 1-1/4 cups gluten-free Flour mix...I used Bob's Red Mill
  • 1-1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • ¼ tsp Salt
  • 1 tspn white Vinegar
  • ½ cup Coconut Milk, just the cereal kind, not the canned kind
  • 1 tsp CLEAR Vanilla
  • Icing
  • 1 cup Coconut Cream, this is the stuff you scoop out of the can of coconut milk after it's been in the fridge over night. I found the cheaper the can of coconut milk, the more cream you'll get
  • ½ cup granulated Sugar
  • 1 tsp CLEAR Vanilla
  • 5-10 drops blue food coloring
  • Cupcake Filling
  • 1 cup red jelly, I used strawberry, but raspberry would work, anything red


  1. Preheat oven to 350⁰.
  2. Place paper baking cups in 12 muffin tins.
  3. Cream the Butter or Margarine and gradually add Sugar.
  4. Add aquafaba and beat well. Set aside.
  5. Combine dry ingredients and stir.
  6. Add ⅓ of dry ingredient mixture to butter and sugar mixture, mix.
  7. Combine Coconut Milk, Vinegar and Vanilla, and add ⅓ of milk and vanilla mixture to other mixture, mix well.
  8. Alternately add ⅓ of dry ingredients and ⅓ of milk and vanilla, mixing well between additions.
  9. Fill cupcake cups about ½ to ⅔ full.
  10. Bake for approximately 12 - 14 minutes.
  11. While that's baking, in a large mixing bowl, beat Coconut Cream on high until it begins to thicken.
  12. Add Sugar and Vanilla.
  13. Continue beating on high until the mixture becomes stiff and holds its shape.
  14. Place a couple of tablespoons of icing onto each plate.
  15. Remove cupcakes from the oven and allow to cool for at least 10 mintues, or until cool enough to handle.
  16. Spoon jelly into a piping bag with any metal tip.
  17. Push the metal piping tip into the center of a cupcake and fill the cupcake with a tablespoon (ish) of jelly.
  18. Place cupcakes on top of the icing
  19. Place gummy sharks next to the cupcakes.
  20. Dribble some additional jelly down the side of each cupcake, if desired.
  21. Enjoy!

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Don’t forget to get your little gummy sharks here. They’re kind of what makes the whole cupcake…

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