Alphabet Discovery Glitter Lava Lamp

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I absolutely love this alphabet discovery glitter lava lamp. !t's so cute--and what a fun way for kiddos to get familiar with the abc's!

My toddler is not particularly interested in learning the ABC’s in what I would consider “traditional” ways. Well, I mean, I’ll be honest–I don’t think flashcards are the way to go with a toddler, anyway. In order to spark a love of learning, you have to make it fun…Me, I’m starting her with some fun activities, like hunting for letters, using our alphabet chips–and this Alphabet Discovery Glitter Lava Lamp. She doesn’t need me to be drilling her with the alphabet, but getting her familiar with the shapes, using her favorite colors and some glitter? That’s what she needs.

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So, you could do this in a blue if that’s your kiddo’s favorite colors in a monochromatic scheme like I did, or you can pick blue and yellow–getting you a green fun…or whatever. You can even forgo the coloring altogether and make your Alphabet Discovery Glitter Lava Lamp clear and white. Whatever. This could be very cool for your kiddos. LOL!

What You Need to Make the Alphabet Discovery Glitter Lava Lamp

  • An old bottle
  • A few drops of food coloring
  • 1 cup baby oil or mineral oil
  • 1/4 cup glitter
  • Foam alphabet stickers
  • 2-3 cups water, enough to fill the bottle you chose

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How to Put Together the Alphabet Discovery Glitter Lava Lamp

  1. Place the oil into the bottle.
  2. Remove the backing off the alphabet stickers.
  3. Add a couple of drops of your chosen food coloring to the water and stir until it’s consistent throughout.
  4. Place the alphabet stickers into the bottle and coat them with oil by shaking the bottle a little (but try not to splash–that’s messy).
  5. Place the water into the bottle, filling it almost to capacity, leaving just enough room for the glitter.
  6. Place the glitter into the bottle.
  7. The glitter will clump together in the oil. Kind of cool, huh?
  8. Now, to make this bubble and move like a lava lamp, you can do one of two things, you can add salt or a tab of alkaseltser. But, I just let my littlies shake it–for a few minutes the “lava” will move and they can shake it again.

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When you’ve picked the colors you want to make your Alphabet Discovery Glitter Lava Lamp and you get it set up, drop a pic on instagram, then tag me in the comments–I might regram it! And while you’re there, follow me–I’d love to follow you back and see what kind of funness you’re up to!

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