Easy Frito Pie Recipe – Classic and Delicious

I just bought myself a big bag of Fritos! And I like this one with the original flavor. Umm, no. I’m not going to eat this… yet. OK… I’ll munch on just a piece. I enjoy the crunchy sounds actually! But this is going to be more delicious if I turn it into this easy Frito … Read more

Instant Pot Garlic Butter Pork Tenderloin Recipe

Pork Tenderloin

I really like using my Instant pot. Ever since I got my instant pot (or IP as most people call it) my life in the kitchen is easier. Don’t get me wrong! I love my kitchen and I love cooking. But it makes cooking simpler when I use my IP. Just like when I cook IP … Read more

Pea Salad Recipe – A Classic Healthy Salad

Pea Salad

This classic and healthy Pea Salad is undoubtedly so creamy with a very rich flavor! With Bacon and cheese, mayonnaise, and sour cream, what more can you ask for? This Pea Salad has been around for so many years that our grandmothers knew these recipes when they were growing up. I can say that it is one … Read more

Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs – Fun DIY Bath Bombs

Soaking in a warm bath with Mermaid Shell Bath Bombs is awesome. The color, shapes and scent makes me feel like I am by the beach, under the shade of a coconut tree and enjoying the summer. I was watching some movie while I was sitting cozy and drinking my favorite hot cocoa bomb when … Read more

DIY Stamped Mason Jar Ring Coasters Craft

Mason Jars have so many uses. When it comes to crafts, mason jars are also a winner as you can make so much from them. Another awesome craft is the Stamped Mason Jar Ring Coasters. These coasters are unique and cute. They are handy, too. You can use it as the cover of a mason … Read more