Making Your Home Child-Safe through Tech

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Living as a couple is rather breezy. You can enjoy your late-night dates, sunset dinners, and more romance. But once you welcome those little buddies to this world, the responsibilities take an upward run and soon you’re stressing about their safety and well-being. 

The honeymoon period will be over once they start walking and running around like a little tornado under the roof. While this playfulness is great for their growth and you don’t want to halt it, immunizing them from external threats and indoor mess is vital. But on the flip side, keeping a check on them 24/7 is not feasible so, tech to your help. 

Modern home security and child safety devices tailored for homes with children can eliminate your stress to some extent. Here lies the question: which one is the perfect for your home? This is a riddle that I, as a mommy myself, can help you solve. Having said that, the devices that I mentioned in this list would require a stable to work properly, so keep that in mind beforehand. And if you’re looking for one, we recommend Kinetic Internet.  

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Smart Door Locks

These are the locks that don’t really need a key to unlock them. An active WiFi connection coupled with a mobile app can unlock it. But it doesn’t mean that your neighbors who are stealing your WiFi’s bandwidth can unlock it and get inside to mess with stuff. No. The mobile phone app has to be configured with the specific mobile phones and then the lock. Only the authorized devices can unlock.

With these smart locks, you can create temporary passwords in case you have hired a cook or nanny for your baby. With a cherry on top, to make it more secure you can set the time they are allowed to enter your home through that password.

They are smart locks for a reason, in case you’re running late and leave your door open the lock will remind you to close the door. How great is that!? 

So, shortlist them as the first device for your child’s safety.

A Smart Assistant 

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be busy prepping up favorite recipes of your loved ones which makes you prone to forgetting some important stuff like potty-training of your toddler or dropping your teenager off to their guitar classes. But not with an assistant, that is present all the time for your aid.

Smart home speakers like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and Apple HomePod among others with their AI-powered assistants can help you in this matter. 

They can play music, turn the lights on or off, remind you to check the garage lock for better safety, and more. They are connected to your devices like phones, tablets, and more. As the icing on the cake, you can control it by merely speaking. So, you’re good to go even if your hands are busy in the marination of meat.

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Smart Cameras and Motion Sensors

There are times, especially as a single parent, when you ain’t available at home but your children are there. In these circumstances, you can’t keep a check on them but you want to keep them safe from going in places that can hurt them.

With proper parenting, you can make them stay where you want but let’s accept the reality: they are still children and prone to making a mess. 

Whether you’re at home or away, a smart camera coupled with motion sensors can help you keep a check on them effectively. You can set a time when there shouldn’t be any movement in your home and if there is, it will ring and notify you on your phone. In this way, you can stop the mess from happening.

To level up on the safety you can use Samsung SmartCam for your home. This one is especially helpful if you have teenagers who throw parties at home. With SmartCam’s built-in microphone and speakers, you don’t have to call them only for them to deny or don’t pick up the call at all. You can directly talk to your grown-ups through the help of WiFi and mobile apps. So, there is a stop to those unsupervised chaotic parties.

Apart from those benefits of keeping tabs on your children, the cameras record the video and in case you have a robbery at home (I hope it doesn’t, don’t wanna jinx it), you can go in the recording that can help you identify the intruders. 

So, all in all, it is a great gadget that helps you make your home a safer place for your children.

smart thermostat with a hand saving energy

A Smart Thermostat

The temperature has a profound effect on a human’s sleep whether a toddler or an adult. But I am here to talk about your children. Babies need good sleep for better growth and the temperature of the room greatly affects their sleep either positively or negatively. 

With a smart thermostat, you are free from constantly adjusting your home’s air conditioner temperature for them to sleep better. A smart thermostat learns their sleep pattern and auto-adjusts the temperature if it’s the time of their sleep.

As a cherry on top, you are free from another task so you can focus on the other essentials.

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