How to Design Custom Lanyards with a Nerdy Style

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Designing your custom lanyards is a great way to show off your nerdiness to the world. You can create way too many nerdy lanyard designs for whichever convention or event you are headed to, whether you are a fan of sci-fi, gaming, or pop culture just to name a few. If that sounds like you and you can sew, you can follow this quick and easy tutorial to make custom lanyards that speak to your nerdy heart.

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Pick The Fandom 

The first thing you need to do when designing custom lanyards is choose the fandom (or nerdy thing) you want to pimp. Die-hard Harry Potter fan? A Marvel cinematic universe nut? Maybe you’re more of a retro video game or comic connoisseur? This will also help to define the aesthetic of your overall design through localization in your nerdy niche.

Discover Iconic Imagery

 If you have chosen a fandom, you can now get into the iconic imagery. Choose logotypes, characters or symbols, or phrases from your theme that are immediate, colors fully recognizable. These ingredients will be the head-start of the design of your personalized lanyards.

Choose Color Schemes Wisely

Color is a critical component and what can tie the lanyard design together, and make it look visually appealing. Particular fanbase color palettes You can blend in the bold red and gold colors of Gryffindor or the bright blues and reds of Superman into your custom lanyards for example.

An image of a sunflower-themed lanyard.

Fun Patterns

On top of images and colors, introduce patterns to add more personality to your custom lanyards. You can pick your favorite thing about, say, Darth Vader, like the outline of his helmet or the logo of your favorite game.

Test Different Materials

There are a variety of materials that you can choose from when creating custom lanyards, and each of these materials offers a different texture and finish. To take it for a nerdy spin, you could go for things like woven fabric and embroidery designs, or maybe a bit of 3D printed elements that give the appearance of your favorite fandom.

Instead, make your custom out-of-all request lanyards a little bit more fun and interactive, something even a fanboy would enjoy as a keepsake. You might add in a secret little hidden area for storing tiny trinkets or mesh in light-up watch batteries that mimic futuristic technology.

Add Some Text

And of course, add some text that also speaks to your nerdy you. Text: Whether you want a memorable line from a treasured film or a clever stint from a video game, adding text can add that extra piece of yourself to your lanyard.

Hire a Custom Lanyard Maker

Once you have decided on your design idea, the next step for you is to look for a trustworthy custom lanyard maker. So what you must do is find a company with a set of material options, something with that manufacturability that is going to be able to help you with all these options, with all these possibilities, and then also be able to work with your very complex geometries.

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Creating unique lanyards with a nerdy twist is a fun, creative way to display those different interests. No matter if you are at a con or just going to work and need a cool, classy accessory, these personalized lanyards will stand out and will help you recognize other fans who are geeks like you!

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