Easy Hedgehog Pen Holder Teacher Gift

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My son is starting his first year at a new school and, well, I want to make a good impression on the teachers FOR him. Now, I know you’re not supposed to do that–I know that we’re not like the same person or whatever, but I still want the teachers to think he has supportive, involved parents from the get-go. So, I decided to overachieve a little and helped my son make the new teacher this Easy Hedgehog Pen Holder as a Teacher Gift for the start of the new year. Too much? I think not. Heh.

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I mean, it can’t be too much. Not really. I mean…ok, so the Easy Hedgehog Pen Holder IS kind of weird. But it’s kid-made (older kid–my son did do most of the work, although I helped with the drilling and the hot glue), so that makes it cute, right? Well, I hope so. My son is certainly proud of it. And he’s more excited than ever to start school–if only to give the teacher this hedgehog of cuteness.

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I got everything I needed to make my Easy Hedgehog Pen Holder at Walmart…well, ok. So, my husband had the block of wood and drill and bit already–but I’m pretty sure those things came from Walmart before anyway. I know the sandpaper did. And definitely the G2 Pens.

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My son’s teacher is going to love those G2 Pens–they’re in every color of the rainbow and they write longer than any other brand. Kind of awesome for those overachiever teachers, if you ask me. They’re so awesome, I guess I could have stopped there and just gifted the teacher a pack of the pens…but I’m kind of an overachiever myself. So, there’s that. Heh.

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What you Need to Make the Easy Hedgehog Pen Holder

  • 1 4x4x8 wooden block. We just used a piece of scrap.
  • Googly eyes (2)
  • 4×4 piece of black construction paper
  • 12 G2 Pens in multi-colors
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 1 3/4-inch drill bit and drill
  • Hot glue gun and glue

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How to Make Your Easy Hedgehog Pen Holder

Here’s a cute photo tutorial for those of you who enjoy running with scissors.

easy tutorial for a kid-made hedghog pen holder for a teacher gift - with parent help

For the rest of us, here’s the wordy-word tutorial.

  1. Sand the corners of your wooden block. All of them. Make it all round-ish.
  2. Drill 12 holes in on side of the block, angled at the same angle (about 30-degrees ish). All clustered toward the “rear”.
  3. Sand any whickerbills off.
  4. Paint block brown. I decided to do an ombre brown and so mixed white in graduating layers with my brown paint as I went. Allow to dry completely.
  5. Hot glue eyes to the front of the block.
  6. Crumble the black construction paper into a ball and hot glue it to the front, under the eyes.
  7. Create 4 hot glue “feet” on the bottom of the block (this will keep it from slipping off teacher’s desk).
  8. Carefully place the G2 Pens in the holes.
  9. Stand back and admire your creation!

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Now, I know you may not have everything you need to make this Easy Hedgehog Pen Holder for your Teacher Gift, so go ahead and pin it. You know you want to…heh.

I love this kid-made pen holder for a teacher gift--it's so cute! And easy, too!

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