Easy Chicken Mask

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This is such a fun craft project to do with little kids. They'll just think this funny, easy chicken mask is so silly!

I’m not one for just doing crafts to do crafts. But I AM one that loves to make an experience “all encompassing” for a kid. So, we’ve been singing about Old McDonald and his farm with his cows and chickens like every day for a while now. And although my toddler totally gets what a “chicken” is (heck, she says “bock, bock” when I offer her a chicken nugget, heh), I thought it might be fun for her to have a beak for a little while, if only just for play-sake. So, I made this silly, Easy Chicken Mask. Pretty simple and straight-forward, until you get to that beak…but once you get what I’m saying–you get it. Then you get an easy chicken mask. LOL!

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Supplies for the Chicken Mask

  • 4 paper plates (the cheap kind are best)
  • Red tempura paint
  • Yellow tempura paint
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Tape (I used packing tape because I couldn’t find any scotch tape…)
  • Pencil

How to Make the Chicken Mask

  1. In the center of one plate, trace your hand with the pencil.
  2. Cut-out the hand-shape.
  3. Now, go ahead and paint that hand cut-out on both sides and let it be drying while you work on the beak.
  4. Cut out a weirdy-shaped 1/3 of a hexagon from the center of one plate. Another way to think about this: cut out two triangles that are sitting side by side. Go ahead, draw it, make the points of the triangle meet at the same place. There. Now cut that out.
  5. Fold said weirdy shape in half.
  6. Then fold each half inward and overlapping, leaving a point in the center.
  7. Tape on the inside, please.
  8. Mix a little red tempura paint and a lot of yellow together to make an orangey color.
  9. Now, paint that beak orange and allow to dry while you work on the face and head.
  10. Cut the center out of one plate leaving two flaps on each side.
  11. Cut out eyes in strategically-placed locations.
  12. Cut out holes on the flaps for the string.
  13. Set face aside.
  14. On the last plate, cut small (about 1-inch at the base) triangles out of the edge at the 10, 2, 4 and 7 locations on a clock face.
  15. Fold the plate edges over until those cuts are now overlapping locations.
  16. Tape each of these.
  17. Now, tape the red hand to the top (fold down the bottom of the hand a little to give yourself a place to really tape.
  18. Tape the face to the head, preferably on the inside, but at this point, you’re so frustrated with me you probably don’t care.
  19. And, finally, add string.
  20. Good luck placing this on your toddler now–they’ll think it’s a hat or a toy to destroy! LOL!

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