DIY Surfboard Upcycled from Pallet Wood

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I needed something long and fun to put on my wall above my second couch in the living room. But, I’m terribly cheap (read that: I rarely pay for this kind of thing) and the wall is REALLY narrow. And I have a kind of nautical theme going on in my house…so my son suggested I make a DIY Surfboard Upcycled from Pallet Wood. Not only was he a genius, but it turned-out so awesome, I shared my after-working-in-the-hot-summer-sun ice cream with him…heh.

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Really, I think my son just wanted the ice cream. See, I bought a gallon (or two, heh) of DREYER’s® candy ice cream in flavors inspired by his favorite candies–Nestlé Butterfinger® Peanut Butter Cups and Baby Ruth®. So, yeah, he was wanting that. And wanting me to get on with the DIY Surfboard so he could have some. LOL! But I was just happy to sit with him and enjoy a bowl–celebrate togetherness with DREYER’s and my son, you know?

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I stumbled across our DREYER’s Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups and Baby Ruth ice cream in the most heavenly of aisles at Walmart–the ice cream aisle. Heh.

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What you Need to Make the DIY Surfboard Upcycled from Pallet Wood

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  • 6 planks of pallet wood or fence slats
  • 10 screws (3/4-inch long)
  • jig saw
  • blue tempura paint
  • white tempura paint
  • pencil (optional–if you’re better at eyeballing things than me)

How to Make the DIY Surfboard Upcycled from Pallet Wood

I absolutely love this easy tutorial for throwing together a surfboard to hang on your wall using just pallet wood, screws and some paint! Awesome!

  1. Line 5 of the planks of wood side-by-side with the center one being about 6-inches higher than the ones on either side of it and the ones on the outside being about 6-inches lower than the ones on the other side of them. Like in a pyramid shape.
  2. Cut the 6th plank into two pieces as wide as the 5 planks laying side-by-side.
  3. Flip the 5 planks over onto their “bad” side (this will be the back) and screw the two pieces of the 6th plank to each.
  4. Using the leftover piece of the 6th plank as a straight-edge, cut the bottom of the planks off at an even height.
  5. Using the pencil, draw a curved top, then cut the top off at that curve.
  6. Paint a wide blue stripe down the center and a couple of smaller, thinner stripes on either side–and even on the edges. Allow to dry.
  7. Paint some white stripes to highlight the blue ones. Allow to dry (mostly).
  8. Paint flowers on top and a vine connecting them–and allow that to dry. Really, this is kind of free-form. Heh.
  9. Hang on the wall. Oh, and have your ice cream–because now you’re all hot and sticky! LOL!

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Leave me a comment and let me know how your DIY Surfboard turns-out! I’d love to see pictures, too…And, if you want to check out the DREYER’s Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups and Baby Ruth ice cream before you commit to a whole gallon (although, really, that’s not much of a commitment–10 gallons, yes, but 1? Come-on! That’s just an afternoon snack–heh).

Thank you for sharing!

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