Unicorn Poop Bath Bombs

(Inside: So…this adorable pile of crap? Yeah, I’d love to say that I made this in a pique of sweet thoughts–but no. I was just being my own internal 3rd-grader. But, you know, these Unicorn Poop Bath Bombs turned out so adorable–nothing like the pieces of sh*t they could have turned out to be. LOL!) … Read more

Tardis Bath Bombs – The Perfect Dr Who Fan Gift

Tardis Bath Bombs

(Inside: This recipe and how to for Tardis Bath Bombs is awesome for that special, Dr. Who loving, TARDIS-obsessed, phone box chasing friend in your life!) Do you have that perfect Dr. Who Tardis obsessed fan in your life? The one that just cannot stop talking about the new Doctor and how awesome she is? … Read more

Totally Amazeballs Unicorn Bath Bombs

Unicorn Bath Bombs

Over here at Nerdy Mamma we’ve been working on all things unicorn. From Unicorn bath bombs to unicorn muddy buddies to deliciously swirled unicorn fudge. The coolest thing about unicorns is their amazing year round gifts. I mean who doesn’t love unicorns? These amazeballs Unicorn Bath Bombs are so darn awesome sauce when you drop them … Read more

Conversation Heart Bath Bomb

Conversation Heart Bath Bomb

Do you love your bestie, wife, or husband enough to make them feel all soft and special on the outside. Making these bath bombs are just a conversation starter. Fun for the kids in the family too. Maybe you want to make a soother yourself gift basket for the whole family. Either way these Conversation … Read more