Anatomy of a Viral Post

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These tips on creating a viral post for your blog are so--simple. I really feel like I can write one now.

News Flash: Having just one piece of remarkable content can make you go viral! (just kidding, I figured you kind of knew that or you wouldn’t be here to being with). To do that, though, you’ll want to create that amazing post (again, duh). Don’t worry, it isn’t hard–and I’m going to tell you exactly how it’s done. No jokes, I’ll break down the steps and give you the skinny on the anatomy of a viral post. And, my friends, that will be all you need to write a viral blog post. Seriously.

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Be Relevant

This is very important when it comes to writing a viral post. You’re going to have to write about things that your audience is interested in and wants RIGHT NOW. You may think something is interesting but just because you think that it is, that doesn’t mean your audience will find it as interesting. Dig through pinterest analytics to see what’s trending…check out the cute trending headlines tool on Facebook…and talk to your other blogger friends, they’re ALWAYS happy to tell you what they think is on the up-and-up.

Be Personal

Viral bloggers will NEVER hide their personality, humor, or their beliefs (read: opinion is king–LOL!). They create personal connections with their audience by simply being themselves. If your blog posts lack a personal touch, you shouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t get a lot of views because, frankly, a lack of personality makes it uninteresting. Be open about yourself, tell a funny (or serious) story about yourself or something that happened to you, why you are the way you are and include telling pictures. The point is that the more real you are as a writer, the more your writing is going to stand out. You aren’t a robot–you are a person and that is what your audience will love.

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Be Engaging

Good writing is like having a conversation, you need to have some give and take. Amazing content prompts people to give their opinions and share their thoughts on your posts. That is how you know you have a great viral post when you get comments and feedback from others. This also allows them to feel like they know you, again it shows that you are a real person and not a robot. So, ask questions, put your thoughts into a conversational, discussion-type tone so that your readers are encouraged to chat back with you.


Please, for the love of all that is HOLY, please, make sure your post is organized. You can have a FANTASTIC post with great ideas, but if it’s not well-organized, people will run screaming. So, by “being organized”, I mean: make sure it is easy to read and smooth as silk. Not jumpy and all over the place. Concise thoughts that flow. Seriously, how do you expect anyone to stick around and read your post if they can’t really understand it? And share it? No. Way.

Be Unique

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to be the first one to write a certain topic, because, in reality, with all the bloggers out there. it’s hard to find a topic on something completely new that no one has ever done before. Kind of like how every movie ever made was originally a Shakespeare. Heh. But, seriously, when writing a post, always put your own unique spin on it. This will put a new a fresh air on whatever the subject is and people are going to like that. People are always looking for new perspectives on things. See: Shakespeare.

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So, my fellow nerdy-ninja bloggers, there you have it: the anatomy of a viral post. Now, keep in mind that no two pieces of amazing viral content will ever be the same. But, these are the components every successful article of writing must have. Just have confidence in yourself as a writer and post EVERY DAY, and you’ll see. Do you have any additional tips on creating a viral post? Did any of this help you? Leave a comment and share this puppy…it’s a secret that every blogger should know…

These tips on creating a viral post for your blog are so--simple. I really feel like I can write one now.

Thank you for sharing!

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