8 Simple Yet Effective Fashion Hacks Every Mom Should Know

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For most busy moms, the way they look takes a back seat to caring for their children, doing various chores, and running errands around the house. It’s no wonder that the stereotypical image of a mom is a frumpy-looking woman in baggy sweats and a messy bun.

Fortunately, moms these days recognize the value of “me-time,” or time allotted for self-care. A large part of self-care is having the time to put on an outfit that makes you look and feel good. Even if you’re only going out to pick up the kids from school and buy groceries, you deserve to look like the fabulous queen that you are.

To help moms with their fashion choices, we’ve put together a collection of helpful tips and hacks that you can use so that you can incorporate them into your daily routine.

1. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

For everyone who suffers from decision paralysis about what to wear, creating a capsule wardrobe is a practical solution. If you don’t know, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes and accessories that go together effortlessly. It’s an excellent solution for busy moms who have little time to think about their everyday style choices. In short, having a capsule wardrobe frees up the mental bandwidth that goes with choosing an outfit for the day, and it’s certainly better than wearing a uniform. 

In creating a capsule wardrobe, you need to curate versatile tops, bottoms, and dresses that are made with high-quality materials. To ensure that you can mix and match these items with ease, opt for neutral colors when shopping for pieces. Lastly, finish off your wardrobe with essential accessories such as fashion tights, shoes, bags, and jewelry. 

2. Accessorize to Transform Your Outfit

If you see well-styled celebrities, you’ll notice that they always look put-together with the use of accessories. Accessories can completely change the look and vibe of your ensemble. For example, you can wear the most boring neutral top, but when paired with a chunky statement necklace, suddenly you look elegant and edgy. What’s more, you can dress up a basic outfit like a white T-shirt and denim with elegant flats.

From statement bracelets to scarves and belts, adding a few key accessories can elevate even the simplest outfit. So go ahead, and experiment with different accessories to inject personality and flair into your look.

3. Elevate Your Style with Layering Techniques

Layering isn’t just for staying warm—it’s also a great way to add depth and dimension to your outfit. To get started, invest in lightweight cardigans, jackets, and scarves that have different lengths. Make sure you consider the prints and colors that go well together. 

While you can mix prints to make an interesting ensemble, it’s not recommended for beginners. Mixing the wrong prints can make your outfit look haphazard and not purposeful.

4. Plan What You’ll Wear Ahead of Time

Mornings are usually the most hectic part of your day. This is especially true when you’re running late and trying to get the kids out the door. Between fixing their lunch and making sure the kids are dressed and ready for school, a busy mom has no time to think about clothes.

So, save yourself time and stress by planning your outfits ahead of time. In the evenings, you can decide and prepare what you will wear for the next day. Do this, and you’ll thank yourself in the morning.                                                                                                                                                 

5. Opt for Sleek and Easy to Wear Sneakers

Are you still wearing clunky rubber shoes that were trendy in the 2010s? If so, you can give your feet a rest, and get sleek sneakers instead. With a sleek pair of sneakers, you can be more comfortable running around while still looking extremely chic and put-together. 

6. Swap Your Diaper Bag with a Fashionable Tote

Ditch the bulky and ugly diaper bag and upgrade to a fashionable tote instead. Even if you’re a new mom, it doesn’t mean that you have to carry your baby supplies in a bag printed with yellow rubber duckies. A big leather tote or backpack will do the same job while adding a stylish flair to your ensemble.

7. Stop Wearing Outdated Clothes

Fashion trends come and go but there are some trends that really shouldn’t come back. For some fashionista moms, these trends come in the form of 3/4 sleeves. Aside from shortening your arms like a T-Rex, you can’t unroll the cuff if you get chilly. Likewise, capri pants cut off your leg at the most unflattering level, and they shorten your legs as well. As fun as it is to revisit these older trends, it’s better to brush up on what’s trendy nowadays and try to elevate your wardrobe to the current styles.

8. Shop for Yoga Pants with Pockets

Yoga pants are considered today’s mommy jeans. They are quite versatile, comfortable, and flattering. However, you have to be careful about choosing your yoga pants. For one, it has to have pockets for your phone and other things. Next, choose one with thicker fabric that won’t reveal your underwear when you squat. Finally, make sure that the fit of your yoga pants is appropriate to your body shape. After all, you don’t want to get a pair that’s either too tight or too loose.

With these fashion tips and hacks in your arsenal, you’ll be the most stylish mum on the block—no matter how hectic life gets. So go ahead, and tackle your to-do list with confidence, knowing that you look and feel your best every step of the way.

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