5 Things Teen Boys Want for Christmas

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Boys are weird. I mean, I like them and all, but they aren’t like girls. Sometimes, they are huge enigmas, but sometimes, they’re pretty straight-forward. From what I’ve discovered, when it comes to Christmas gifts, regardless of whether your teen has entered an angry-fugue-state-of-crazy-teen-ness or is just on the verge (they don’t emerge until 35), they’re pretty easy to pin-down. These are the 5 Things Teen Boys Want for Christmas. No, like, really. Just 5 things. It’s that simple. Heh.

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5 Things Teen Boys Want for Christmas

  1. Gift Cards or Cash. Yeah, don’t we all want that?! But it offers freedom (see #5). So, he can choose what he gets–which is kind of a big deal to a teen, honestly. They need to exert some control and this is a great way to let him. My son’s getting like 5 different gift cards, not for huge amounts, but just so he gets some control.
  2. Video Games. All of them. But specifically fun ones–like Just Dance: Disney Party 2. My son was smirking and very antsy to get to play this game when we got our copy. He was practically bouncing in the car on the way home. And he was thrilled to learn his favorite song, Gotta Be Me from the Disney movie Teen Beach 2, was featured along with more than 20 other tracks from his favorite Disney Channel hits, from movies like “Descendants” and shows like “Girl Meets World” and “Liv and Maddie.” He was so depressed when I told him we had to “send it back” (we don’t really have to), and he’s going to laugh so hard when he opens it Christmas morning. You can check out the Just Dance game here. Even my toddler got in on the fun. LOL! what to buy boys for christmas ra
  3. A Girlfriend. Ok, so I know that’s not realistic, because you don’t have one of those in your back pocket (unless you do, and in that case, that’s kind of creepy–stop that). But, what you can do is give them some “coolness” to help them get a girl and some “confidence” to ask her out. Nice clothes, deodorant, a basic shaving kit, some body spray, hair gel, anything that he might not ask for, but that a teen boy actually NEEDS to clean himself-up for a girl.
  4. Little Kid Toys. Just one or two. Trust me. Gives them something to do to “fit in” with the younger kids–and to make them smile. No one wants to grow-up all the way on Christmas. My mom still buys me one little toy every year (and my brother, too). It’s kind of an awesome tradition. Makes you feel like a little kid for just a moment. I got my son a yo-yo. LOL!
  5. Freedom. Uh, I mean: Movie Tickets. Or a “ticket” from you for an afternoon without parental supervision at the mall…just some little bit of freedom (maybe with friends?). They need some freedom, after all–it’s not like the first time they go to the movies without mom should be when they’re 18 and all moved-out. My son is getting a “coupon” from me for 2 tickets to the movies and a pizza, so he can choose when to go, what to see, and who to see it with.

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Basically, get the kid what you think a boy might want. Like, really. They’re pretty straight-forward, not as complex as they might seem. Even if they are grumpy all the time and you can’t quite understand them. Honestly, the rule of thumb is: Don’t overthink it. They’re simple creatures. LOL!

These really are the only 5 things that teen boys want for Christmas gifts. I mean, they are easy to figure-out, if you boil them down to the basics! LOL!

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