5 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore & a Printable List of Poison Items

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This list of 5 things this mom doesn't buy anymore...and her free printable list of poison products in the home...brilliant. And super helpful.

I got a call one afternoon while I was in college. My friend’s dad needed me to run across the dorm to check on his daughter. She’d accidentally sprayed household cleaner in her eyes. Two hours later and I still didn’t know if she’d be blind for the rest of her life. This one event changed my life. And so, it’s Poison Prevention Week, this week March  20-­‐26, 2016 and, because I’m a little worried about this kind of stuff, there are 5 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore as a Mom. Because I NEVER want to go through that panic again–and especially not with my kids.

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Just FYI, because I was able to help her get on the phone with poison control, flush her eyes in a shower and get her in the ambulance in a timely manner, they were able to treat her and keep my friend from losing her sight. So, it all worked-out in the end. But can you imagine this happening to your 2 year old? Or even your teen? Not. Ok. Just. Not. Ok.

5 Things I Don’t Buy Anymore as a Mom

  • Hand  Sanitizers – Because although they are awesome–there’s dangerous levels of alcohol if ingested. And kiddos love those little containers just a little too much.
  • Laundry  Packets – These are cool, look like candy, but they can give chemical burns, if not worse if ingested. Kids have died from eating those concentrated levels of chemicals…not in my home.
  • Dishwasher Packets – The publicity isn’t there, but the logic tracks that they’re similar enough to laundry packets to do some damage. And they’re soap–not candy, despite how pretty they are.
  • E-Cigarettes – Well, I didn’t buy these before I was a mom, but I definitely wouldn’t now. Kids think they’re cool, neat and they can cause some serious damage to a kid.
  • Button  Batteries – If something requires a button battery, I don’t buy it–and if I discover that it does, I don’t replace it, I throw that item away and find something else. Or, if I just HAVE to have it–we cover the cover with duct tape. Because that’ll keep it closed, even if there’s not a screw to keep it closed.

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Free Printable List of Poison Products

free printable list of what's poison in your home

So, I made this cute little printable to help remind you what might be a potentially poison product that you need to think about before leaving it out so kiddos can reach it. Download your JPG or PDF. Then, take a second to look-up the Nationwide Poison Prevention page to learn more about the program, the Make Safe Happen app (available on iPhone and Android devices) and how you can help save lives.

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If  you  suspect  or  know  that  a  child  has  ingested or  come  into  contact  with any poison, call  the poison  Help  Number.  Take  a  moment  to  save  the  Poison  Control number to  your phone:  (1-­800‐222-1222).

You can find more information about poisoning at the Poison Help website which is part of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Let me know if you have any questions about poisoning…I’m not an expert by any means, but I’d be happy to help. And if you have any additional ideas to add to my list of don’t buy anymore items, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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