5 Things Babies and Toddlers Do When Mom’s Not in the Room

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You hear that saying all the time…if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a noise? Yeah, well, if that tree is a toddler and the forest is a playroom of toys, there’s not only noise and generalized goofiness, there’s also a mess waiting for mom to pick up. I’ve been conducting a study to prove this. Very scientific of me, though my source pool is relatively small (my 2 kids–but when I asked other moms to sign the waiver allowing me to leave them alone in a room…it wasn’t pretty). So, in my vast experiment, I made the following findings. These are the 5 Things Babies and Toddlers Do When Mom’s Not in the Room. At least mine. Maybe yours ballet or something. Who knows? Heh.

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5 Things Babies and Toddlers Do When Mom’s Not in the Room

  1. Insanity. They think it’s just party-time the minute you walk out…and so it is. I mean, really, who doesn’t want to dance around like a crazy person as soon as your mom isn’t watching?!
  2. Nothing. Because you, mom, are the life of the party. And because they’ve caught-on and know that you will pop-in with a camera the minute they unleash the insanity.
  3. Destroy. Yes. That room you just picked-up? It’s going to look like a CAT 10 hurricane just hit it…and it’s name? Your sweet, angelic child.
  4. Wake-Up. Um, well, when you step out, they just know somehow. No matter how quiet you are…they just know. Little empaths. And they certainly can’t take a nap without mommy in the room. Spoiled brats. Heh.
  5. Mischief. Tell them to not climb on the back of the couch, then walk out of the room. Guess what they’ll be doing. Ok, don’t guess. That’s just where they’ll be. No guessing.

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I mean, seriously. This is what happens….

Oh, you wanna see what YOUR Babies and Toddlers Do When Mom’s Not in the Room?

This is easy. Don’t be in the room. Get a video monitor like mine, the VTech VM343. It has awesome auto-night vision (which rocks), so, even in the dark, you’ll catch every smile, giggle and tooty-face. And because the screen is a large 4.3-inch LCD screen, you’ll actually be able to SEE these things…not just guess at the pixels.

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And, in case you have free-range bebes (like mine, heh), you can expand your video-viewing non-sensicalness by expanding the VTech VM343 by up to four cameras, allowing you to spy on your kiddos from any room. You can just click-through the multiple viewing options, including single view (one camera only), split-screen viewing (all paired cameras at once) and patrol mode (single view that transitions to a different camera every seven seconds); with the click of a button. Super simple. I kind a love it. And, I can even step outside to take the trash out and still keep an eye on my tots because the VTech VM343 has a range of up to 1,000 feet. Sweet.

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