Unique Upcycled Diet Coke Bottle Clock

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So excited about this easy DIY project. I mean, I just made a Unique Upcycled Diet Coke Bottle Clock. Want me to repeat that for you? No? Ok, well, let’s just suffice to say, checking the time in my house just got a lot cooler.

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I’m a little in love with my new Diet Coke Bottle Clock. I think it’s just gorgeous hanging over my fireplace. But it’s not like I PLANNED on making this…no, I had no idea I’d be replacing that old brown painting of horses on the wall…

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I was trolling for groceries at Kroger when I came across this AWESOME display of something unique and exciting…Diet Coke 12 oz. Glass bottles which are all unique, aluminum bottles, mini cans, 6-pack ½ liters…all just in these crazy-cool colors and with that distinct Coca Cola bottle shape. Yeah, I’m super excited about my Unique Upcycled Diet Coke Bottle Clock. So, you want one of your own? Yeah, you want one of your own…(aren’t the bottles COOL?!)

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What You Need to Make Your Own Unique Upcycled Diet Coke Bottle Clock

  • 12 – IT’S MINE Diet Coke 12 oz. Glass bottles (I got mine at Kroger)
  • 1 – 24-inch diameter piece of round wood (I found this in my local hardware store–you can cut one, but that might be hard)
  • 1 – empty plastic coffee can (is that an oxymoron that it’s plastic and yet a “can”?!)
  • 1 – IT’S MINE Diet Coke mini can (or 2…depending on how large you want to design your clock hands–I got mine at Kroger)
  • 1 – heavy duty picture hangar (I got mine at the local craft store)
  • 1 – straight edge
  • 1 – bottle heavy-duty adhesive like Liquid Nails
  • 1 – compass
  • 1 – clock hardware (I got mine at the local craft store)
  • 1 – heavy duty shears or tin snips
  • 1 – can spray paint
  • 2 – Command strips

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How to Make Your Unique Upcycled Diet Coke Bottle Clock

Photo tutorial for people running with scissors!

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Oh, no scissors for you, huh? Well, ok, here’s the steps in words…

  1. Drink all 12 Diet Cokes. But don’t throw the bottles or caps away–put them back on the bottles. Be sure to be drinking the IT’S MINE Diet Coke 12 oz. Glass bottles which are all unique. Otherwise, it won’t be all unique like mine…
  2. You can either paint your wood now, or wait–up to you. I waited.
  3. Take your wood and, using a straight-edge, draw a line through the center with a pencil.
  4. Draw a line perpendicular to the first. These perpendicular lines will be your 12, 3, 6 and 9.
  5. Using your compass, draw a circle 8-inches in diameter in the center of the wood. This is where your Diet Coke bottle bottoms will line-up (generally).
  6. Measure the height of your bottles on the coffee can and cut the bottom of coffee can off–cutting around 2 “tabs” so you can screw it to the wood.
  7. Drill a hole in each of your tabs as well as the lid of the coffee can. (Hint: put a small piece of wood on either side of the plastic and the drilling will be much easier, neater and less stressful.)
  8. Paint your coffee can. If you waited to paint your wood, do it now, being careful to leave it so you can still see the pencil lines.
  9. While that’s drying, drink a IT’S MINE Diet Coke mini can.
  10. Rinse Diet Coke can and cut the top and bottom off, and cut along one side.
  11. Flatten the Diet Coke can by rubbing it on the edge of your counter–but be careful, the edges will be sharp.
  12. Using a pencil, draw your swirly design or whatever for your minute hand and your arrow for your hour hand. You can also do a second hand, but I did not because I don’t care about that mess. LOL!
  13. Using the heavy duty scissors, cut out your hands and set aside. Again, edges are probably sharp…I let my minute hand curl up and thought that was cool. This is easy when you’re cutting–just let the metal do it’s thing.
  14. Once the paint is dry, use the adhesive to glue your Diet Coke bottles in place.
  15. Allow the adhesive to dry completely.
  16. Once the adhesive is dry, flip the clock over and attach the heavy duty picture hangar in line with the 12-o’clock bottle.
  17. Flip the clock back over.
  18. Place one Command strip on the inside of the coffee can lid and attach the clock hardware.
  19. Using the second Command strip, attach the pieces of the Diet Coke mini-cans to the hands of the clock and attach to the hardware according to the package directions.
  20. Hang clock and start tellin’ time!

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If you’d like to learn more about Diet Coke’s IT’S MINE bottles and all their awesomeness, click here! If you love this project and totally make your own, hit me up with a comment or a photo on Facebook…I’d love to see how your Upcycled Diet Coke Bottle Clock turns out!

Little update! If you want to see more awesome DIY projects, check out the DIY Crush Craft Party every Thursday! My little Upcycled Diet Coke Bottle Clock is up there…and more of my fun projects probably will be in the future, too! So you can see all the fun there!

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