5 Texas Road Trip Destinations You MUST Do with Toddlers

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We’re planning the ultimate week-long road trip with the grandparents for the last week of summer (in just 2 weeks! eep!), and because we have two little ones, we really had to plan something different this year. We needed to make it easy for the kids and not so terrible for us–and also because I’m a crazy planner like that. LOL! So, without further ado, my lovelies, these are the 5 Texas Road Trip Destinations You MUST Do with Toddlers–because they’re awesome, cool and just downright toddler-friendly!

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Now, keep in mind, the WHOLE reason I plan my road trips so carefully is because I had a really bad experience one time. Let me just say I came home with the world’s worst sunburn from walking for miles in just a tank top and shorts, no money in my pocket because tow-trucks cost a ton, and a broken-down car that I had no idea how to fix.

I know better now, so now, before any road trip I always get my car checked out at Walmart Automotive Center, and I get an oil change (and, if I’m planning on driving my higher-mileage SUV vs. my husband’s low-milage car), I always get them to use Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle®, but more about that later.

Ok, ok, NOW on to the 5 Texas Road Trip Destinations You MUST Do With Toddlers! LOL!

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5 Texas Road Trip Destinations You MUST Do with Toddlers

  1. Inner Space Caverns – It’s cool inside, you ride a train, it’s got a gift-shop, and
  2. Dinosaur Valley State Park – Dinosaurs. Dinosaur footprints. And dinosaur bones. Yup.
  3. Monahans Sandhills State Park – Three words: Sand Dune Surfing. Enough said.
  4. South Padre Island – Best beaches in Texas, by far.
  5. Big Bend National Park – You will never see so many stars. There’s even an observatory in the Davis Mountains where the kids can see a real telescope.

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Ok, so are you all ready to hop in the car and hit the 5 Texas Road Trip Destinations You MUST Do with Toddlers? Well, before you do, find your Walmart Automotive Care Center, because this is going to be fun!

Be sure you’re working with your Walmart Automotive Care Center expert to use Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil if your car has more than 75,000 miles on it. It’ll help clean out the sludge that lesser oils leave behind, AND it helps to reduce leaks and oil use you can see in higher mileage engines. It’s totally worth it–and these experts are there to help make your life easier (and your road trip more smooth).

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Hey, and even if you’re not headed-out to discover these 5 Texas Road Trip Destinations You MUST Do with Toddlers for yourself, go ahead and pin this for later–because you’re going to wish you had. And then head to your local Walmart to get that oil change (we both know your car needs it–LOL!).

I love these ideas for road trip destinations with toddlers--in Texas! Such great ideas. LOL!

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