5 Easy Ways Moms Can Make Today Healthier

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These 5 easy ways moms can make today healthier are so simple...but such great ideas.

I really feel like getting in shape should be a priority. But–not like hardcore or anything–that’s unattainable. No. I need incremental changes. Something I can tackle in baby-steps (heh). So, I thought of these 5 Easy Ways Moms Can Make Today Healthier (because doing a 5K is too much to ask–and I’m certainly not doing it today…). Heh. easy ideas to help moms make healthier choices feature

5 Easy Ways Moms Can Make Today Healthier

    1. Take the kids for a walk as part of their play. Right? I mean, I know this probably seems like a big duh to a lot of moms, but this is not something we’ve done regularly. I’d like to, though. Especially now that the weather is turning nicer. But this is Texas, so tomorrow it could be 104…then we’ll be splashing in the pool as part of their play.


  • Getting a water bottle (and using it). Being dehydrated is one of the big challenges I have to being healthy. I had a water bottle, but it got left in the car on the first day of summer last year…now it’s a melted pile of plastic in my cupboard. So, I need a new one. And I need to use the new one. Not let it die in the heat-filled microwave that is my car. 5 easy ways moms can make today healthier fb



  • Better lunching. I find myself (and my eating habits) falling apart when it comes to eating an actual meal in the afternoon. A bowl of cereal for lunch is fine every once in a while, but, really, everyday for a week? That’s bordering on insane. So, I bought some Healthy Choice Simply Café Steamers, with their 100% natural proteins and absolutely no artificial ingredients, they’re yummy enough to keep me from reaching for that box of dried cardboard pieces. And, the way the Simply Cafe Steamers work, with that cool tray-in-tray cooking that separates the ingredients, the simple ingredients are transformed into vibrant, crisp vegetables and juicy proteins. And there’s all sorts of choices (nearly a dozen), so I never get bored.



  • Better snacking. I believe that my lack of snacking on fruits and veggies (instead of your kiddo’s leftover chicken nuggets) is a big contributor to my unhealthy state. Because those leftovers on her plate are NOT a great way to enjoy a little break. Nope, they’re me, cleaning off the table–with my mouth. I need to stop doing that (it’s sad, frankly, and I am NOT the garbage disposal). I should treat my body better and have an apple. Or a carrot stick. I love those…maybe that’s why the kids eat those instead of their chicken nuggets…hmmm…easy life changes to be healhier for moms random



  • Getting more sleep. This should be first on the list, but since it’s the last thing I do in the day…well, whatever. These are not in order of importance. But I need to start going to bed when the kids do–and not watching TV for an hour or more. It’s a simple as that. Sleep is one of those things that your body just can’t do without. And, being a new mom for like 3 years running now, I have been sleep deprived for so long, I don’t know how my body will ever recover. But I need to give it that chance. Heh.

So, what do you think? Would you add anything to this list to make today healthier? Let me know by leaving a comment below or hitting me up on Facebook!

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