4 Amazing Summer Mixed Drinks – With Free Printable Recipe Cards

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I love this 4 easy summer mixed drink recipes--so easy, fast, and PERFECT for a summer party!

Alright, my lovelies, I’m hankering for summer. Here in Texas, we’re doing that warm-cold-warm-chilly-warm-wet dance that we do every year. I’m. Ready. For. Summer. This is the WORST part of the year. Like can’t we just decide if we want it to be cold or hot? Wet or dry? Come on, Texas! LOL! In preparation for my FAVORITE part of the year, I’ve already started working-out my drink-makin’-muscles. Here’s my tried-and-true 4 Amazing Summer Mixed Drinks that I like to make–although I urge you to drink responsibly. Just FYI. No irresponsible-ness here or there. Ya hear me? Heh.

4 mixed drinks for the summer fb

4 Amazing Summer Mixed Drinks

In all honesty, these really are some awesome summer mixed drinks. Everything about them screams summer–well, not really, but we’ll get into that.

how to make a cuba libre mixed drink

The Cuba Libre. If you have never had this…well, you’re in trouble, my friend. This is, without a doubt, one of the best drinks. Not just for summer. But, definitely for summer, because, you know, summer mixed drinks is what we’re talking about here.

Download your recipe as a JPG here, or the PDF here, if you swing that way.

mojito recipe

The Mojito. A classic. A classy classic. A classy, clear, classic. And that’s the extent of the “cl-” adjectives I can assign this awesome drink. Although I could assign a LOT more adjectives to describe it’s awesomeness. I mean, seriously, my lovelies, there’s a lot of wonderful adjectives to give the mojito. Just sayin’.

Feel free to snag your JPG here, or the PDF–I know, I know.

margarita recipe

The Margarita. Nothing screams summer more than someone who’s had more than their share of margaritas. Oh, yes, well, the drink itself doesn’t say anything–it’s inanimate. Come on, now. LOL!

But if limes and tequila don’t say something about summer to all of us, well, that’s just not a world I want to live in. Margaritas are my summer-love…and maybe my winter-love, too, just to remind me of summer. Heh.

You can get the JPG here or the PDF here–either way, you get it, right? Heh.

blue hawaiian summer mixed drink recipe

The Blue Hawaiian. No, it won’t take you to Hawaii–unless it wins the lottery, but we JUST talked about how drinks are inanimate, so maybe you should buy the lottery ticket, not the drink. But then it wouldn’t be the drink taking you–it would be the other way around. So, again, the drink will not take you to Hawaii. Trust me on this.

Just click and get your JPG here or your PDF here…and get to makin’, my lovelies.

So, yeah, that’s all. I know you were hoping this list of 4 Summer Mixed Drinks would really be like 100. But I’m not that generous. I could only do 4. Sorry. Gimme some time, come back to the site, maybe I’ll come up with more. Heh.

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