12 Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Masks

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elf on the shelf sock monkey mask

This adorable sock monkey is climbing my stairs–but you could do a cute King Kong thing and have him climbing the fridge–or swinging from a chandelier.

elf on the shelf santa mask

I tossed-off my Santa-masked elf into a clear box of bows. Another idea is to have him hiding in the kids’ stockings or under the tree with some presents.

elf on the shelf robot mask

This little robot needs some interaction with a computer…he’s sitting on my router, although you can’t see it in the pic because I’m terrible at cropping images today.

elf on the shelf reindeer mask

This reindeer try-out is being photobombed by a moose, I know…but if you have some reindeer ornaments, it’ll make a ton more sense than mine did…LOL!

elf on the shelf monster mask

BLAH! There’s a monster hiding in my potted plant! You could also hide the elf in this monster mask under a kiddos’ bed–FUN!

elf on the shelf gingerbread man mask

He’s just a cookie. I left him on the counter, but you could totally put him in the oven with a message on the door, if your kids are a little older–mine won’t get a note (they can’t read yet).

elf on the shelf frankenstein mask

Frankenstien in a pumpkin? Yup.

elf on the shelf as the easter bunny

The easter bunny. I believe the term is: “nuff said”.

elf on the shelf as jack in the box

Jack in the box elf on the shelf. Say it five times fast. LOL!

free printable elf on the shelf masks fb

Ok, so you’ve thoroughly enjoyed these ideas, but you really just want the free printable, right? Well, here you go:

Download the JPG here.

Download the PDF here.

If you end-up using the masks, shoot me a pic or two in the comments below!

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