10 Things You Should Say to Your Toddler Every Day

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These 10 things you should say to your toddler every day Genius. Sure-fire way to build a kid's confidence about themselves.

This time with her is fleeting. She’ll only be toddler for a little while longer. Then it’s preschooler–then kindergartner. And before I know it, she’ll be packing her bags to visit Harvard and Cambridge, trying to decide where best she can get her doctorate (and drain every penny of mommy’s hard-earned savings that doesn’t exist today). I’m almost in tears just thinking about it. But, to make that confident, self-assured lady that she’ll need to be to tackle the world, I’ve determined there are 10 Things You Should Say to Your Toddler Every Day. My daughter is hearing them.

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10 Things You Should Say to Your Toddler Every Day

  • You’re so smart. Seriously. I had a teacher crush me because she thought I was dumb…a few words reassuring a kid is all it takes.
  • You can do it. Gives them a feeling that–yeah, they can. You have confidence, then so does the toddler.
  • You can handle this. Along the same vein as the above, but with a little shove toward “don’t be upset by it” vibe.
  • Don’t give up. More encouragement. Because determination is not innate–it’s a muscle that’s built.
  • You’re a good girl. Mostly because you say “no” to your toddler all the time…it’s nice for them (and you) to hear that they really are a good person.

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  • You’re so strong. Not just physically, but emotionally, too. More of that flexing the resilience muscle.
  • I’m proud of you. Every kid needs to hear this every day. They cannot figure out how to be proud of themselves without someone to show them what that means.
  • Be sweet. Just a reminder to, you know, not hit your sister when she steals your toy. Or not scream at someone when you don’t get your way. Early ways to teach them how to handle stress.
  • Take care of yourself. Ah, this one is something they’re just learning to do. Sometimes the phrase can be “good job taking care of yourself” or “yeah, that’s how we take care of ourselves”. But, basically, they need to know how to do it–and that it’s good to take care of oneself.
  • You’re a good leader. Girls are not bossy. Boys are not pushy. They are leaders. They are learning how to have an opinion and when to exert it. They need to know that it’s ok to be in charge. So, when they do, instead of disparaging them, give them praise and let them know that leadership is a skill, too.

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What would you add to this list of 10 Things You Should Say to Your Toddler Every Day? I’ve thought about it a lot and maybe it could be 100 things, but that seems a little overwhelming. LOL! Just drop me a comment below or find me on Facebook!

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