10 Signs Your Dog Needs a Spa Day and a Twitter Party!

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10 FUNNY signs your dog needs a spa day and adorable free dog printables! How cool!

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but it’s National Pet month and your dog told me that he’d like a reward for being your dog for the last year (since the last National Pet month). My lovelies, these are the 10 Signs Your Dog Needs a Spa Day…and how to give them the spay day they deserve…and you can get some fun in with our Twitter Party, too! 10 reasons why your dog needs a spa day feature

10 Signs Your Dog Needs a Spa Day

  1. Their little nails are clicking on the tile in a non-happy, attitud-ey kind of way.
  2. The dog chose to cuddle with a stuffed animal instead of you after you ate the last chip.
  3. It’s been a while since they’ve been groomed–and you can tell by the funky smell wafting from them.
  4. They keep licking you. Always. No matter how poopy things get. All you need is dog.
  5. The pup was there for you that night you couldn’t stop crying after that sad movie.
  6. There was a study out recently that dogs don’t like hugs. Made your pooch sad.
  7. A nice massage would help loosen those sore muscles from when your doggie went jogging with you last week.
  8. They’re itchy–it’s summer, it’s spring, it’s winter, it’s fall…it doesn’t matter…changing season or something and that pup has an itch.
  9. Your baby just spit up on the dog–and he didn’t mind, just did that doggy half-smile thing. Dogs never lie about love.
  10. It’s just time. Just. Time. And they’d love you for a few minutes of cuddles with bubbles.

10 signs your dog needs a spa day and a twitter party fb

How to Give Your Pooch the Spay-Day They Deserve

The best way I’ve found to give my two poodles is a nice, soothing and therapeutic bath with Pet Caress. They use only the best human quality ingredients that are pure and natural–exactly like what you’d use on yourself to help sooth itchy skin. Because a spa day wouldn’t be a spa day if you didn’t use the best. And, you’re doing good when you use Pet Caress–and not just for your pooch-that-needs-a-little-pampering. They give back with every purchase made. The Humanimal™ advocacy program that they have gives a percentage of their profits to the humane treatment of animals. Nice, huh? You can shop online for Pet Caress–that’s where I got mine. how to show a dog you love them sq

And now for the Twitter Party!

When: Monday, May 9th 2-3pm Hosted by @Tammileetips & @brettbmartin (who are AWESOME) There will be 10 winners: (3) Trial Kits, (5) Trial kits + $50 VISA, (1) Trial Kit + $150 VISA and THEN (1) Grand prize of a product kit and $500 VISA Giftcard! Just sign-up below!

Free Printable Puppy-Love Wall Hangings

Oh, because I love you, I totally made these cute dog-loving wall hangings…you know, for your bathroom or whatever. LOL! dog needs printable - in post Download the JPG here or the PDF here! dog love printable - in post Download the JPG here or the PDF here! dog bone printable - in post Download the JPG here or the PDF here! And when you’re done printing, hit me up with a comment below to let me know how your pooch’s spa day works out!

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