How to Keep Your Kids from Hating You in 5 Easy Steps

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This mom's ideas for how to keep your kids from hating you--so very spot-on. I mean, if I can just keep these in mind...maybe not so many fights with my teen.

Ok, so I have a horrible secret that I think we, as adults, probably all share: I, at one point, was a Teenager. Yes, I was so a teenager at one point and it gives me just a tiny bit of insight into what my son might be going through. Here’s the deal, for those of you who may have forgotten, an easy way to Keep Your Kids from Hating You in 5 Easy Steps. It really works.

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The thing is, raising kids is like the story of Little Red Riding Hood. If you deal with the wolf head-on and plan for it, you can avoid the horrible end to the story…but if you skip along the path and just do whatever, you end-up with a wolf of angry kid staring you down. And maybe gobbling you up, too. So, don’t be like Red. Be like the woodsman that saves her. Heh.

How to Keep Your Kids from Hating You in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Smile. Drop the seriousness. Give a little laugh or chuckle now and then–and not just at “required” moments. Smile in love. Smile in frustration. Smile instead of frown. Try to give the kid some grace with that smile. And know it relaxes them to know you’re smiling. It lets then know things are fine.
  2. Be Real. Don’t try to hide behind a facade of perfection. Let your kids see you for who you really are. Say “I’m sorry”–talk about what you did wrong with your spouse–and generally admit to a little failure.
  3. Teach. Drop the lectures. You wouldn’t appreciate it if your boss lectured you. But, when you need a new skill, if your boss sits down with you at the computer and teaches you–or works through it with you…well, you have some respect for them then. whot to keep your kids from hating you in 5 easy steps fb
  4. Give. When you’re in a moment with your kid that isn’t fun–give. Take a deep breath and let it go. Let them win one occasionally. When you’re not in a moment, try that giving thing, too. Give a lot. They need to see you model that so that they can learn to give.
  5. Make Time. This is the biggest, most important thing. A lot of kids feel alienated by their parent’s distance. Making time–taking them camping, sitting with them in the evening after dinner, just being with them…This is a really big deal, especially as they grow older. Make time for your kids. And, in that time, they’ll learn to like you–in addition to loving you.

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What do you think about my ideas for How to Keep Your Kids from Hating You in 5 Easy Steps? Would you add anything. Drop me a line in the comments below!

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