Toddler-Painted Rainbow Resist Unicorn Shirt

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This idea for a toddler-resist painted rainbow unicorn shirt (or rhino--LOL!) is so cute! And so much fun to make!

Ok, so I was bored. And the girls were bored. And they like unicorns. So, we pulled out a fun set of tools and, somehow, we made a Toddler-Painted Rainbow Resist Unicorn Shirt. Yeah, you read that right. Resist-painted-shirt. So cool.

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So, this totally kept the girls occupied for about 20 minutes…longer for the older sister, because, you know, paint is fun. That gave me time to clean the kitchen–well, except for the area right around the kitchen table. For some reason, that part was covered in a rainbow of paint. Heh.

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What You Need to Make a Rainbow Resist Unicorn Shirt

how to make a resist paint shirt with kids ingredients

  • Multiple colors of fabric paint (red, purple, blue, orange, yellow, green, whatever)
  • White shirt
  • School glue (like Elmer’s or whatever, as long as it’s water-soluble)
  • Tape (to hold down the shirt)
  • Aluminum foil about the size of the shirt
  • Black fabric pen

How to Make a Rainbow Resist Unicorn Shirt

tutorial for doing a resist-paint shirt with a toddler

  1. The night before you want the toddler to do their part, you need to cover your table with some butcher paper or something that the paint will not run through and ruin your table. Do not blame me if your table is ruined. Heh.
  2. Slip the aluminum foil inside the shirt.
  3. Tape your shirt to the table–well, the covering…whatever, you get it.
  4. Using the tip of the glue applicator, pour glue into the shape of a unicorn’s head on the shirt (or whatever random animal you want to call it…giraffe, rhino, whatever).
  5. Allow this to dry completely (so, overnight).
  6. Set toddler in front of the shirt with the dried unicorn head painted on it in clear or white glue.
  7. Pour colors of the rainbow (fabric paint) all over the shirt.
  8. Allow toddler to go wild.
  9. Remove toddler and clean in shower or with hose in yard. Heh.
  10. Allow shirt to dry overnight.
  11. Wash as per the directions on the fabric paint so that the glue dissolves.
  12. Allow to dry.
  13. Outline the unicorn head in the black fabric pen.
  14. Wash again. Dry again.
  15. Wear and enjoy!

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Will you be making a Rainbow Resist Unicorn Shirt with your littlie anytime soon? Hit me up with a comment below to let me know how it turned out! I can’t wait to see if these start turning-up on the high-fashion labels for–um–toddlers. Heh.

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