The Day My Husband Watched the Kids…

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It all happened so fast. One minute, I’m just going to run for a quick visit to see a friend in the hospital; and the next thing I know I’ve been gone for 12 hours and my quick trip turned into The Day My Husband Watched the Kids…

I had zero fun the day my husband hung out with the kids.

The Day My Husband Watched the Kids…

It was all so innocent. No grandparents were available to watch my daughters, but I really needed to make that visit to the hospital. So, my husband offered to take the day off. “Sure,” I said, “Sounds like it could be fun for everyone.”

I had visions of spending time together, or even getting a chance to show my husband some of the fun things I do with the girls on a regular day. Instead, this is what happened:

  • The dog. The dog, who was the light of my life before my kidlets, was refusing to eat. Usually (note: I said usually here), she only stops eating when she has eaten some plastic toy and requires surgery to remove said plastic. So, I bundled-up the dog and headed to the vet, thinking I had plenty of time to get there and bring her back home. Only the vet wanted to keep her for observation. Don’t worry–no surgery was actually necessary. And “observation” only cost us $250. Sweet.
  • The shopping trip. After dropping the dog at the vet, I looked at the clock and realized I had over an hour to kill before I needed to even drive toward the hospital. But driving home takes 20+ minutes, so that would be less than smart. So, I called the husband. He suggested going to the store and getting our oldest daughter some additional crayons. Ok. I could do that. Only, $150 and an hour later, I had forgotten the crayons and bought her a whole cart-full of toys she doesn’t need because I felt guilty that I was spending any amount of time without her. Go me.
  • The lunch. By the time I was done spending all this cash, I’d worked-up quite an appetite. So, I drove in circles in the parking lot trying to think of what to eat. Because my oldest’s favorite restaurant is McDonald’s, I ended-up there. See guilt in the above “shopping trip” discussion. Yeah.
  • The hospital location. I drove to the wrong hospital. I did not end-up being early. I ended-up being late. Crap on a corndog.
  • The traffic. To get to the correct hospital, I sat in traffic. I haven’t driven just a whole lot in the last couple of years, since I’m stay-at-home. So, traffic was a new thing for me. But it’s just like riding a bike. Which sucks.
  • The hospital delays. It didn’t matter that I was late. The surgery that was supposed to start at noon was put off until 2pm. Then 4pm. Then 4:30pm. The good news is that they started the surgery at 5.
  • The dinner. My McD’s burger did not tide me over and I was starving, so when the offer from another friend (also visiting the hospital) to eat out was made, I graciously accepted with drool dripping off my chin. We somehow managed to make that last 2 hours. What is wrong with me?!
  • The hospital delays #2. We went back to the hospital to check on our friend and ended-up in the waiting room, well, waiting. For another 2 hours. I swear, this hospital was sooooo slow. But it’s not like I wanted them to rush. Right?

I got home at o’dark-thirty. The kids were all asleep and my hubby was a god for letting me have this day all to myself. Even if it did suck.

The Day My Husband Watched the Kids feature

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