Stop Staring at My Baby’s Bald Spot…

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I don't stare at your kid's bald spot. Don't stare at mine. It's totally legit! LOL!

I’m not much of a judgey-mom. I really don’t care what other people are doing with their kids. So, I kind of expect the same from other moms–my expectations fall short sometimes, though. I wish it were that way, though, that the judgey-ness didn’t start so early in a kid’s life. I have a plea: Please, other moms, please, just Stop Staring at My Baby’s Bald Spot…I’m not a bad mom, I swear.

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Stop Staring at My Baby’s Bald Spot…

  • “That baby has a bald spot.” So, what? Her hair is thin and she sleeps on her back in the crib almost all night, so the hair just rubs off. I know. My hair is liable to do the same thing–it’s thin, it’s what happens with thin, fragile hair. And yes, she gets tons of tummy-time. Her head is not flat or weird and she will not be developmentally delayed from not being held enough, I promise.
  • “That teenager’s hair looks like it was cut with a weed-whacker.” Ok, you can stare at him, but just know that I did not cut it that way, nor did I pay someone to cut it that way. He cut it himself in a rage-ey moment when he was being creeptastic. And he keeps doing it when it grows-out. It’s ok to stare, just know I had nothing to do with it. I dare you to make a comment to him about it though.
  • “That toddler’s hair is always in her eyes.” Yeah, and? I cut it once to make bangs to get it out of her eyes and that was the dumbest thing ever. Now, I’m letting it grow out so we can put it in a ponytail instead. We’re just in that awkward stage. And we will be for a while because her hair doesn’t grow super-fast. Eat it.
  • “That boy is squinting a lot–won’t his parents get him glasses?” He threw them away. Yup. Not at our house, where dad or I could have easily retrieved them or even school where it would be plausible to get them. Nope, he did it when on a visit to a medical facility, so they’re gone. Incinerated. And he did it to force us to buy him contacts. So, we’re not rushing to get him glasses. I mean, I’ve tried to make an appointment with the optometrist, but they didn’t call me back and if it’s taking a month, oh well, maybe he’ll learn not to throw his things away to get something different.
  • “That little girl is still sucking on a pacifier!” Yup. I can’t have 2 babies hollering at me. I can’t stand it. So, we do a pacifier. For both. Otherwise, we’d all be in tears. You try taking that pacifier away. She’ll cut you.
  • “That baby is really small.” Well, she was born a month early. And she was tiny for that, too. So, really, the thing is, so what if my 6-month old baby is still wearing newborn clothes (we might be graduating this week to 0-3mo clothes! eep!), that’s just how it is with my petite kiddos. The doctor says they are both fine.
  • “That little girl doesn’t talk yet–must be the pacifier.” You know what, that pacifier isn’t stopping her from talking. The six months of screaming in pain at the beginning of her life is putting her behind. She’s catching up though. And then you’ll be asking me to shut her up. I’m warning you, don’t take her paci away–you’ll be dealing with a super-angry ankle-biter. I’m telling you.

We have crazy-hair-don’t-care attitude at our house, apparently. And maybe a little “don’t care” about a lot of things. It makes us a motley crew, but that’s ok with us. Thank you for not staring.

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