Simple and Fun Family Reunion Ideas

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Ok. So, I have kind of a huge family. But, like a lot of families, it’s REALLY hard to get together. And, when we do, it’s always at holidays or some other time when it’s obligatory. What if it didn’t have to be that way? Well, I was kind of inspired to have a little mini-reunion with some of my family just randomly in the middle of the summer. But, since it wasn’t a holiday…well, I came up with these Simple and Fun Family Reunion Ideas that TOTALLY ROCKED. Now, I’m thinking I may want to do this more often…

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Venue for Your Simple and Fun Family Reunion

Ok. So the trick here is to either pick the centermost home from everybody else’s house–or see if someone will volunteer their house. This time it was my house. We agreed that in a few months, when we do this again, we should do it at my mom’s house. And we’ll keep rotating–to my cousin’s house, my aunt’s…that kind of thing.

But try to make it fair. That’s the thing that gets people–when they have to ALWAYS drive like 8 hours to get to the reunion…no bueno.

Simplify = More Fun for Everyone.

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Activities for Your Family Reunion

You could do outside games or just sit around and chew the fat (just like any other day), but, if you’re wanting FUN, you need to do an activity that is first, relaxing, second, fun, and third, easy. I decided to try out the new Colorwear wearable art as our activity. Best. Decision. Ever.

There are over 175 designs to choose from by popular adult coloring book artists like Valentina Harper and Angelea Van Dam. This fun activity is a clothing line by The Mountain® of, literally, wearable art–that YOU color. Like the ultimate party favor.

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Food for Your Family Reunion

Here’s where getting simple is SO MUCH SMARTER. For everyone. Just have the thing catered. And pick a neutral food like, for us in Texas, that would be Mexican food. I ordered from my favorite Mexican restaurant and just got the generic menu of chips and salsa, fajitas and a few sopapillas for dessert. There’s no need to do more than that. It’s not Thanksgiving. It’s just a family reunion–more about being together than about the food. Heh.

And, with a buffet like that, it was easy to lay-out our Colorwear shirts for coloring. So while we munched, chatted and had so much fun, we totally colored, too! LOL!

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If you’re interested in having a little family reunion, you can get 25% off your Colorwear order just by signing up for their newsletter!

And be sure to pin this before you go–so you remember these awesome ideas for your next family reunion!

These simple and fun family reunion ideas are so easy! Love this!

Thank you for sharing!

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