How to Set Up a Hydration Station for Games

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When I very first went to college, there was a breakout of ecoli on campus with some cheerleaders…and one died. All because of some tainted water they were chugging during practice. But it wasn’t tainted because of something the college did or where they got the water–it was because they weren’t washing their hands before digging into the bucket of ice to grab a handful and start chewing. I vowed then and there that my kids (that I didn’t even have yet) would never, ever be subject to that because I would be the mom that volunteered to do the the water station–and there would be rules. My lovelies, this is How to Set Up a Hydration Station for Games so that you reduce the risk AND keep the kids hydrated and happy.

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And, guess what? My son’s lacrosse games? They have the hydration station of awesome. Because I’m true to my word and only good, clean fun is happening in and around my team’s drinking water. Heh.

How to Set Up a Hydration Station for Games

  1. Place a chair in the spot you’re setting-up the hydration station.
  2. Securely locate an adult who is aware of the imperative in the chair.
  3. Grab a Brita Jug Filter and install it in your jug, so you get tasty water that the kids WANT to drink.
  4. Set a big bottle of hand sanitizer on top of the jug of water–that way the adult in the chair can require the kids to use it to even TOUCH the jug.
  5. Provide cups very nearby the water jug. I prefer to refill the kiddo’s water bottles, but in the event that they don’t have one, a cup is there so they aren’t drinking directly from the jug (ewww).
  6. In a second, separate cooler, provide ice in bags that the kids can use/eat/smear on themselves individually…that way the only kid who doesn’t wash their hands is the only one that gets sick. Not that I dislike that kid, but I don’t want him to be getting the others ill–just sayin’. Heh.

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The unsung-hero of my hydration station is definitely the Brita Jug Filter because it makes for great, easy way to filter large quantities of water, drops the need for all those wasted disposable water bottles, and makes the water taste–well, better. And, the pretty much fit ANY standard jug cooler from Coleman, Igloo or Rubbermaid, using the easy-on adapters. So, I feel like I can provide water the kids will enjoy, as well as need.

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So, WHAT do you think?? Gonna become the designated hydration station engineer at your kiddo’s soccer games? Lemme know how it goes by dropping me a line in the comments below–or find me on Facebook! 

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