How to Slow-Down Breakfast Before School {and why you need to}

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This mom's ideas on how to (and why you should) slow down breakfast for your kids before school Brilliant.

So, there’s a lot of research out there that totally blows my mind about the way that having a family dinner and just being together as a family can help a kid not only feel more confident about themselves, but to also preform better in school. Yeah, homework doesn’t have the same impact–weird. LOL! And, so I extrapolated a little and have a theory: If you have a slower morning…without the crazy rush…does the kid do better at school? I believe the answer is yes. My friends, this is How to Slow-Down Breakfast Before School {and why you need to}.

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Why You Need to Slow-Down Breakfast Before School

Here’s the deal, you can’t constantly be drilling kids. They need to play, to have fun, to enjoy those relationships that bolster them, build them, and basically create the person they will be when they grow-up. And, if I start my morning in a rush…well, let’s just say it ruins the rest of my day.

So, why wouldn’t we think about that for kiddos? If I yell “hurry up–we gotta go” to my son, I can just see his shoulders tensing and his face pulling into a frown. So, even if he doesn’t realize it (which he probably doesn’t), it’s stressing him out and making the rest of his day terrible.

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How to Slow-Down Breakfast Before School

  • Get yourself up just 20 minutes earlier. This is going to make a HUGE difference for you in being relaxed.
  • Get your kiddo up 10 minutes earlier. That extra few minutes? We’re fixing to use it.
  • Grab a bowl and have a family breakfast. We see HUGE benefits from sitting down as a family and sharing a meal. And having a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Honey Nut Cheerios is no different than sitting down to a plate full of meat and potatoes…except that it’s cold…the milk is cold. Heh.
  • Bond with your kiddo by throwing-down over a #BigGBattlecast. Yeah, break out some Skylanders Battlecast (which is an app and a card game, so it’s got reading and addition and all sorts of great things to get a kid’s brain thinking–perfect way to start a school day, trust me).
  • Challenge your kiddo create-your- own Skylanders Battlecast character card. I had these cute cut outs and colored pencils just ready for my son with our bowl of cereal. And then he stole my bowl. Heh. But, regardless, creative activities, like the math and reading, can get a kiddos brain cranking–and that’s the perfect way to gear-up for the day.

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Conveniently, my son’s (and my) favorite cereals are the select General Mills cereals that come with the Skylanders Battlecast collectible character cards. Yeah, that’s right, specially marked Honey Nut Cheerios, Cookie Crisp and Cinnamon Toast Crunch come exclusive character cards you won’t find anywhere else. Awesome, huh?

Don’t Know How to Play Skylanders Battlecast? I Got You…

Would you add anything to my ideas for How to Slow-Down Breakfast Before School {and why you need to}? Just drop me a line in the comments below! Love hearing from you!

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This mom's ideas on how to (and why you should) slow down breakfast for your kids before school Brilliant.

Thank you for sharing!

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