How to Read Tarot Cards With A Process-Based Approach (No Need for Memorization)

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Forget about using the guidebook. When it comes to a process-oriented tarot reading, begins with the emotions that arise when you choose a card from the deck.

The art of Tarot is an ancient and captivating tradition that consists of 78 cards, each possessing its distinct symbolism and significance. These cards can be divided into two categories: the major arcana, comprising 22 cards representing archetypes such as The Fool and Death, and the remaining cards are called the minor arcana.

According to the book Tarot for Change by Jessica Dore, Tarot cards are believed to have originated in 15th-century Europe, although the images and archetypes they portray may have earlier origins. Dore describes each card as containing a hidden message, which she believes will leave you with even more questions than you originally had.

She sees this as a positive thing, as questions can lead to new perspectives and opportunities for personal growth. With a professional psychic reader, you can get answers to any questions and get guidance to get success. You just have to decide to take the first step and contact him.

What does a process-oriented Tarot reading involve?

A common belief among people is that tarot is a method of predicting the future. Those who are interested in learning tarot often acquire a deck of cards along with a small guidebook that provides the interpretation of each card. They spend a lot of time studying the cards to uncover what lies ahead. However, this is just one approach to tarot reading, and there may be more advantageous or captivating ways to interpret the cards.

Instead, you can try this: Put the guidebook away and mix up the cards while contemplating the area in which you seek guidance. Then, choose a card by selecting one randomly or dividing the deck using your non-dominant hand and selecting the card on the upper side, whichever method feels most suitable.

Study the image shown on the card. What features are you particularly interested in? How would you tell the story depicted on the postcard? What emotions or atmosphere do you feel when you do this? Any questions or personal opinions you have regarding the card are valuable and valid.

Of course, knowledge of the cards, especially the major arcana and the symbolic meaning of the suits and numbers, can be helpful. There are many resources available that provide insight into these interpretations and tarot reading on – is one of them. However, the significance of any single explanation of a card pales compared to the personal connection and emotion that comes from choosing a card from a deck and reflecting on its symbolism.

After practicing contemplation, refer to the guidebook to see if it can enhance your understanding of the card you just read for yourself if you want to. Every psychic has a vision of the situation. Dore explains it in this way:

“If necessary, using a deck of Tarot cards can serve as a canvas on which we can portray our inner thoughts and feelings in a protected manner without causing harm to ourselves or others. Since projection is a normal and useful aspect of the human imagination, this method allows us to unlock its potential and use it for positive purposes.”

What You Already Know?

The main purpose of Tarot is not to provide new information but to shed light on something that you may already be aware of but haven’t fully recognized or accepted. Tarot allows us to access our intuition, inner wisdom, and personal truths. You just have to trust Taro cards. 

This type of tarot reading is centered around the process or journey. When you engage in this practice with a tarot reader (such as myself), both of you interpret the cards together, engaging in a dialogue with each other and the card spread. This approach is more fundamental and requires more effort. The goal is to delve into the thoughts and emotions that arise from the narrative depicted in the cards.

Do not hesitate to begin studying tarot without fully understanding everything about it. Take the plunge and have faith that whatever you uncover about yourself in the process is precisely what you need to know at this moment. Getting information from a free psychic is one way to discover the world of tarot and more. The more you engage in practice and establish a connection with the cards, the more you will understand their meaning to you.

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