How to Make Adult Coloring Pages

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I love this tutorial for how to make adult coloring pages for yourself! It's so easy and kinda fun looking. LOL!

I’m so excited. It’s like I just made a new friend. Who had a milkshake in one hand and a stick of bubblegum in the other–both for me. My friends, this is How to Make Adult Coloring Pages. And it’s genius, fun and just as relaxing as coloring. Best. Friday. Night. Ever. (Well, unless it had been date night, but that’s whole ‘nother story.)

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As you must know, I’m quite the adult coloring aficionado (meaning I have found the relaxing benefits and want to spread the love to the world). Pretty much every Friday night, you can find me at the kitchen table just enjoying the quiet and recharging while my mom has my kiddos for the evening. But last Friday, tragedy struck.

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No more coloring book pages. No ink in the printer to print my favorite free printable coloring pages. And a brand new set of Prismacolor Premier pencils (I’d JUST BOUGHT at Michaels) calling my name. Oh, and I was already in my comfy jammies and was NOT headed to the store. So I frowned. And grumped. And then inspiration struck when I stumbled on a piece of my kid’s Spirograph toy.

What You Need to Make Adult Coloring Pages

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  • Paper (because paper is awesome–don’t ask)
  • Spirograph toy (bought mine at Michaels for the son for Christmas–was SO glad I did that!)
  • Prismacolor Premier Markers in Black and Grey
  • Prismacolor Premier colored pencils in your favorite colors
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Pencil (I prefer #2…something about being required to use those in school for so many years)

So simple, but genius. Oh, and before you head out to the store, make sure to check out Michaels coupons for additional savings, in newspapers and online!

How to Make Adult Coloring Pages

Like me, I know you prefer to run with scissors and live life without reading directions, so here’s a photo tutorial. Heh.

tutorial for how to make adult coloring pages at home

Oh, you want directions? Fine. LOL!

  1. Sharpen all of your pencils (ALL OF THEM). Set aside.
  2. Place paper on a flat surface such as a table or counter. (hahaha!)
  3. Per the provided instructions in the Spirograph toy set, use the sticky-tack stuff to stick the “donut” shaped gear piece in the center of your page.
  4. Using one of the small circles, place it in the center of the donut shaped gear piece, pick a hole for your sharpened pencil, held vertically, spin around and around making a pattern!
  5. Select another small piece and make a pattern.
  6. Do a small piece on the outside of the donut.
  7. Now, remove the donut and place a small piece in the center with the sticky tack and go around the outside of it with another small one.
  8. Now, you can go ahead and color OR you can outline with the black and/or grey markers…or you can outline with them later.
  9. Remember, this is YOUR coloring page, so you can totally do whatever with it! Have fun…and enjoy.

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Oh, you don’t want to run to the store right this second, well, feel free to click here and select “free pages” to download your own free Prismacolor coloring pages!

But, if you do get a chance to hit Michaels, I’d love to see the results of your efforts. Hit me up with a comment below or send me a picture of your coloring pages on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Prismacolor, but all my opinions are my own.
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