How to Make A Trip to the Pool with Toddlers Not Suck

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I love this mom's ideas on how to make a Trip to the Pool with Toddlers fun for both mom and the kids! LOL!

Ok, so I had a few fits and starts the first couple of times that I made it into the pool with my two (yes, TWO) toddlers. But now, since we get in the water almost every day, I feel like I might be a little bit of an expert in How to Make A Trip to the Pool with Toddlers Not Suck. Seriously, my friends–this is important stuff to know. Heh.

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How to Make A Trip to the Pool with Toddlers Not Suck

  1. Sunscreen BEFORE. There’s nothing worse than fighting the kiddo to keep them out of the pool while you apply sunscreen. Do it before, my friend! Before. If that’s your wading pool at home–do it before you get outside. If you’re driving over to the local city pool–do it in the car before you walk inside.
  2. Disrobe BEFORE. Similar to the sunscreen–everyone needs to be ready to literally walk straight into the pool. This will reduce the upset on everyone’s parts.
  3. Bring a Mommy-Floatie. Nope. I decided there IS something worse than fighting the kids while you try to save them from a horrifying sunburn that will scar them forever–sitting on your butt in the kiddie pool…on the concrete bottom. Seriously. I am WAY more comfortable in my SwimWays Spring Float Recliner I found at Walmart. Seriously. I can sit up, recline, lean my head back on the headrest. Pretty much anything. Even put my feet up–or down. AND I can stash my drink there. Score!
  4. Sunglasses! Duh. how to make a trip to the pool with toddlers not suck fb
  5. Snacks. Something that can be devoured in 3 bites by hungry, yet insistent-that-they-get-back-in-the-water toddlers. Like those applesauce pouches or a granola bar. Not anything hard to eat like chips or spaghetti…
  6. Drinkies. Hydrating ones for the kiddos and whatever you want–because this is you, having fun with your kids. No reason for you to dehydrate while they splash. And yours can sit in your convenient cupholder, so you have no excuse not to be hydrating. Heh.
  7. Toys. Not for you! For the kids–to distract them from making YOU their toy. Although, I’ll be completely honest, when I was in my SwimWays, all cradled by the full-mesh seat…it was kind of fun to be pushed around in the pool by the toddler. Kind of a switch in roles there that was nice. LOL!

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Biggest, easiest, most important thing to walk away from this with: Think ahead and plan it out–and bring your SwimWays Spring Float Recliner (because you’re going to want that luxury seat with it’s drink holder, seriously)! LOL! Would you add anything to my list of How to Make A Trip to the Pool with Toddlers Not Suck? Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know!

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