How Proper Communication is Vital for a Child’s Development

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Effective communication can make a world of difference to a child. Hence, we must focus on how we communicate and interact with kids for their better development, to build better relationships and to make them feel worthy and loved. Any communication process involves listening to people, understanding what they mean, and reacting to their responses.

This also involves our body language, facial expressions and the tone and the choice of words that we speak. Proper communication is essential to a child’s development and therefore we need to make sure that we do it the right way.

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Instills Positive Self-Concept

One of the reasons why proper communication is essential to a child’s development is because it allows the child to grow with a positive self-concept. At an early age, a child is prone to make many mistakes. As an adult, we need to help the children understand that they are a part of the family and that making mistakes is alright and provide them with positive words.

Blaming and judging the child can create a sense of negativity and this can impact the way the child manages stress later in life. Hence, parents need to communicate effectively to their kids on how they can positively manage failure and stress and boost self-esteem as well. 

Encourages Early Literacy

Effective communication can also help in developing literacy at an early age. This means that parents and guardians can encourage the child to learn more than just the alphabet. This can help the child to learn and grow their vocabulary and comprehension skills. This can allow the child to quickly read and write better.

With the help of early literacy, children can develop strong skills to succeed academically and also grow their self-confidence. This also helps with better cognitive development and language skills. For many kids, proper communication can also help them to be prepared for school and the challenges that come with doing better academically. 

Develops Creative and Artistic Skills

Communication is a two-way process. This means that you and your child both speak, listen, and respond to each other. With the right communication, you can instill confidence in your child and share a message that you are approachable. This assures them that they have the right to express themselves.

Subsequently, kids find many artistic ways to express their feelings and emotions and this in a way develops their creative skills. You can further come up with strategies to nurture a child’s creativity. For many kids, the idea of expressing their emotions through arts and crafts is quite visible, especially during the academic days.

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Nurtures Independent Thinking

When parents communicate effectively with their kids they allow their kids to come up with solutions. This is vital to a child’s development because it compels the child to find answers and come up with creative ideas. In the initial days, this is critical for a child’s development because it inculcates the idea of independent thinking.

When you communicate with the child to come up with solutions a child gains opinion and comes up with ideas that also boost self-confidence. This also helps when the child has grown into an adult and faces unprecedented circumstances that can be solved through innovative solutions. 

Develop Strong Relationships

Effective communication is a great way for humans to form strong bonds. This also stands true for children who want to form strong relationships with other kids of their age, parents, teachers, and people in society. This feeling of being supported by people around them makes them feel confident and allows them to further express themselves and support others as well.

This effective exchange of support and ideas allows children to form stronger bonds with their peers and even others around them.

Boosts Imagination

Imagination is critical to a child’s development in the early stages. When you communicate with a child and help them to solve their problems it drives them to come up with solutions that subsequently spark imagination. This is essential to let children think differently and come up with innovative ideas and solutions to help them resolve their challenges.

This leads to cognitive development and helps them later in life when they are faced with various worldly challenges. A kid who is not allowed to use his or her imagination often cannot think of how to resolve a solution.

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Improves Listening Skills

When you interact with your child you also have to be a good listener. This is critical to the process of communication. However, when you communicate effectively with your child it also makes your child a better listener.

Kids who are taught the value of active listening right from an early age realize that to communicate they need to listen carefully to the opposite person. This also makes them more empathetic and understanding of each other and helps them develop strong bonds and relationships with peers and society at large.

Active listening skills also allow the kids to understand the perspective of the other person and respond appropriately which subsequently leads to clear communication. 

Shapes Personality for the Future

Effective communication is not only essential for a child’s development but it also helps the child shape his or her personality for the future. Children learn a lot about how they should behave and communicate based on how adults communicate with them. With the right communication, adults can shape the personality of a child which would empower the child to shape his or her future.

Kids try and emulate the adults and become effective communicators themselves. Subsequently, they would become adults with excellent communication skills and pass on that knowledge to the generation that follows.


Communication lies at the core of human existence. Like adults, kids have emotions and feelings and therefore how we communicate with them can make a lot of difference. It also helps the child to develop mentally and emotionally. With the right communication, you can let the child think independently to resolve challenges using creative ideas and solutions.

It also instills confidence and boosts self-esteem as the child realizes his or her potential to tackle situations in life and understands the importance of receiving and lending support within the family and society at large. 

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