High School Freshman Backpack Essentials

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High school is SO much different than middle school–it’s almost like a whole new world. Everything is just so, I don’t know…different, but we can help our kids transition into high school and save a little money with PayPal AT THE SAME TIME (oh, snap). But, mostly it will help you, too, because that crazy-new-different feeling the kids have? Yeah, it’s going to bleed-over to home life if those kids aren’t prepared…LOL! Friends, this is THE (short) list of High School Freshman Backpack Essentials that every mom needs.

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High School Freshman Backpack Essentials

A Planner

This is definitely a must have item for your high schooler. High school is crazy as you know and having a planner will allow them to keep organized and keep up with all their homework and or school events. This way they aren’t late on or forget any assignments and or important events. And, it’s going to teach them valuable habits for the “real world”. Trust me.

Writing Utensils

They are going to need LOTS of writing utensils. Pencils are a no-brainer, but now that we’ve gone up to big-kid’s school, we’re talking pens, too, parents. They will need fairly nice pens, fine tipped, no bleeding, cap instead of click, and black or blue ink (no funny colors, I know it sucks but high school teachers HATE them). Oh! and you can’t forget highlighters! A lot of teens think they will be pointless but that is until they run into a time they need them and don’t have any.

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Extras of Everything

Now, of course, everyone knows the essential things for school like notebooks, binders, etc. and but many parents only get their kids the minimum amount of these things when, in reality, they are going to need extras. Notebooks and binders fill up very quickly especially in high school and it will become a struggle for your teen when they start running out of room for notes and important papers. Don’t forget to include essay rewriter by Essayrewriter.ai to the list.

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If you shop online, using PayPal One Touch, it eliminates the need for credit card information, re-entering usernames, etc. on all the different apps/websites–which is a HUGE time- and sanity-saver. They also have a Giving Fund and 100% of proceeds go to charity organizations like YMCA, Let Girls Learn, and a few others which ROCKS.

These are such great tips for a High School Freshman's Backpack. Love it!

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