Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls

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Look, I love Harry Potter.

I would seriously immerse myself in the Harry Potter world, if my husband wouldn’t look at me funny.

But, for whatever reason, he does. So I don’t.

You know who doesn’t have anyone looking funny at them and totally deserves to be immersed in Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, though?

Teenage Girls.

I love Harry Potter. And the fact is, so do teen girls. If you're looking for your witch a gift, look no further. Here are 25 Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls. You're welcome. #nerdymammablog #harrypotter #gifts #giftguide

They have a really rough time of it.

They’re going through puberty, having to deal with High School (which still sucks, BTW) and they’re nerdy.

So, make their lives a little happier…

Get them one (or more) of these 25 Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls.

Birthday, Christmas, whatever, these girls might not admit it, but it’ll likely be the best gift ever.

I love Harry Potter. And the fact is, so do teen girls. If you're looking for your witch a gift, look no further. Here are 25 Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls. You're welcome. #nerdymammablog #harrypotter #gifts #giftguide

25 Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls

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Head Girl Badge

This badge is just about the CUTEST thing–your Harry Potter-loving teen will be beside herself with pride when she gets it.

HP Clutch

Look, if your teenage girl is head-over-heels for Harry, she’s going to dig this magical clutch.

Magical Inspiration

I love this inspiring phrase and artwork–any girl would be stoked to have this beautiful piece in her room or bathroom. Seriously, we could all use a little pick-me-up everyday.

Hermione Key Charm

Uh, look, if this isn’t the single cutest thing ever, we can’t be friends. And this wouldn’t be Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls if it didn’t include this. So there.

Platform 9 3/4 Applique

So, you know how you always wanted to decorate your backpack in school? Yeah, your teenage gift-recipient wants to, too. So help her with this applique. SO COOL.

Harry Potter Hedwig Owl Scrunchie Set

These are just so stinkin’ cute, I feel like I need a set. Or four. If your girl likes to keep her hair up out of her face (think Hermione Granger) then this would be a perfect gift!

Golden Snitch Necklace


Hedwig Owl Tri-Fold Wallet

All of her secret wizarding spells, the best ones anyway, will be stored in the most amazing wallet ever. Your Harry Potter loving girl will not be displeased.

Platform 9 3/4 Throw PIllow

Next to diamonds, throw pillows are a girl’s best friend. They’re always there for you when you need something to prop you up. Give her a little something to lean on…

Magic Makeup Wands

I think I just squeed myself. These little magical makeup brushes are so adorable–if your Harry Potter-obsessed teen is into makeup, this is the gift you can’t forget.

Harry Potter Leotard

If your teen girl is into gymnastics, you know that this is the PERFECT gift for her. Just add the above-linked swimsuit with black tights. Seriously–if she does magic on the balance beam, THIS is going to be the best Harry Potter gift ever.

Platform 9 3/4 Earrings

If she has her ears pierced, you know that this Harry Potter Gift for Teenage Girls will be a hit. Every girl that’s pierced want’s to dangle her fandom, right?!

Boy Who Lived Ring

Oh, the perfection of this Boy Who Lived Ring! It’s simple, but just screams all about the wearer’s dedication to the cult of Harry.

Golden Snitch Earrings

Whoa. Just whoa. These intricately carved Golden Snitch Earrings would be the perfect perfect gift for the Harry Potter obsessed ANYONE much less teen.

Marauder’s Map

Uh, yeah, so teen girls (or me) would LOVE to have this Marauder’s Map mounted in their room. Seriously. What an epically meaningful gift!

HP Vinyl Clock

It’s retro. It’s fun. It’s perfect for a teen girl that needs to stay on schedule getting ready for school every morning. Give the girl a clock and she’ll rule the world!

Hedwig and Harry Earrings

So I just died of a cuteness overload. As will your teen girl. This is where you buy them and ensure her swoons forever.

Personalized Journal

Holy Mackrel! What teen doesn’t want a personalized journal? None that I know of. And the artwork is so pretty. She’s going to love it.

House Purse

I don’t know a single teen girl that didn’t want a purse–even if she doesn’t carry one every day, she still wants one so she can carry when needed. So get her this one–and let her house shine!

Invisibility Cloak Broke T-shirt

Besides being snarky and funny, your teen girl probably likes a good t-shirt. She needs this one. Seriously. We kind of all do.

HP Charm Bracelet

What says cute and trendy, but gives a nod to her favorite fandom? Harry Potter Charm Bracelet. So cute. And so ready to be on her wrist.

Hermione’s Beanie

If you remember anything from Half Blood Prince, it’s this beanie. And how cute was Hermione in it?! Very. Your teen girl will be equally as cute. And cuddly warm. Win-win.

Quidditch Team Baseball T-Shirt

Showing your fandom and your team-spirit? Priceless to your little lady. If she’s a teen and she likes t-shirts, this is so the perfect gift.

#GirlPower T-Shirt

Look, besides this being SO TRUE, every girl needs this shirt because, seriously, girls rock.

Hogwarts Leggings

Leggings. Books. Hogwarts. Perfection on their legs. If you aren’t considering this as one of your Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls, you’re wrong. So so wrong.

Ok. Now, you know you’re going to want this again in 2 months when her sister turns 13.

So, go ahead and pin these 25 Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls so you have it when the time comes…

I love Harry Potter. And the fact is, so do teen girls. If you're looking for your witch a gift, look no further. Here are 25 Harry Potter Gifts for Teenage Girls. You're welcome.

Thank you for sharing!

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