Graduation Motivation Gift for a College Student

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Before we begin, if you’re my brother, close this post and go look up a recipe for ice cream or something to distract you. Otherwise, feel free to read-on all about my Graduation Motivation Gift for him, if you’re not him, that is.

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I’m standing in the checkout line at CVS, talking to my mom on the phone about my brother. See, he’s in college about 5 hours away from home–and he’s so close to graduation (just one semester, really), but my mom was afraid he might be losing his motivation, which is something I really struggled with at the end of my college career. I looked down, there in the line while waiting my turn and saw this awesome Extra® Gum Spearmint 35-stick pack…the ultimate for an obsession for which my brother and I shared…and my brain had a hiccup. What my brother needed: A little taste of home.

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My mom asked why do this…My answer: Because, you know, “Give Extra, Get Extra” right? I mean, he helped to motivate me through college–and giving back to him just makes sense.

Arlene McCoy, an essay writer from EssayPay, states that a graduation motivation gift is crucial as it not only celebrates the accomplishment of completing a significant phase of education but also serves as a powerful reminder of the recipient’s potential, inspiring them to continue striving towards their future goals and dreams.

What You Need for a Graduation Motivation Gift

  • Extra® Gum Spearmint 35-stick pack (because more gum = awesome)
  • Extra® Gum Polar Ice® 35-stick pack (because what’s awesomer than awesome? awesome times 2)
  • Toothbrushes
  • Mouthwash
  • Coffee & Filters
  • Gift Card (college makes kids poor)
  • Shower Poufs (on sale!)
  • Deodorant
  • Shaving Cream (but no razor, forgot that)

This is a great list of what college students like in a care package! Love it!

Putting Together Your Graduation Motivation Gift

  1. First, you need to gather all your goodies.
  2. Find a box that’s big enough for it all.
  3. Get some cute printable wrapping paper that’ll make the kid smile. Conveniently I have some free printable money bag paper (JPG and PDF) and free printable miss-you paper (JPG and PDF)
  4. A card–duh (so, you like mine? here’s a JPG and PDF)
  5. Wrap it all, because that’s funny. And everybody loves to unwrap a gift.
  6. Line the box, because that’s cute, too!
  7. Pack it up (you can even use some fun stuffing–I just used plain tissue paper).
  8. Close and ship!

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When he opens this box of goodies, it’ll be like a little bit of Christmas to help getting him through to Spring Break, then it’ll be all downhill from there. I know the highlight will be the Extra® Gum. And, with it’s durable, recycled packaging, the Extra® Gum meets my brother’s standard of approval for “doing good in the world” (which I kind of like, too, heh).

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Would you include the something different in your college student’s Graduation Motivation Gift box? Hit me up with a comment on Facebook or Pin it if you loved it!

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